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Burbank, CA … When your business is composing and producing music for television and other high profile media, anything less than top-notch production quality simply won’t cut it. Welcome to the world of Yalil Guerra, a Cuban born composer who now calls Los Angeles home. Regardless of the musical style, the ability to accurately capture instruments and voices plays a huge role in the authenticity of the composition’s sound and its ability to generate the “feel� or “mood� required for the project. That’s why Guerra uses Mojave Audio’s MA-200 Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone for all his critical recording projects.

Trained on classical guitar in both Cuba and Spain prior to studying classical composition with Aurelio de la Vega here in the United States, Guerra—who owns and operates Burbank-based RYCY Productions, Inc.— regularly writes music in the pop, rock, Latin, jazz, and classical styles for a variety of high profile television projects as well as independent artists and companies. His credits include music for the Latin Grammy® Awards and, most recently, co-producing/composing the themes for the Premio Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards Show—held on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL and broadcast live on the Univision Network—as well as the forthcoming FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) World Cup international soccer competition, which will be held in South Africa between June 11th and July 11th 2010.

Guerra described his fondness for Mojave Audio’s MA-200, “Since I first tested the microphone, I just love it. The richness of its sound, the depth, and its ability to handle high SPL’s were decisive factors that led me to begin using the microphone on vocals. I’ve used a number of other big name (and expensive) microphones, but for me, the MA-200 captures the sound I’m after better than anything else I’ve encountered. For three years now, I’ve been using this magnificent, robust, and musical microphone as my main tool for recording vocals. Since that time, I’ve also started using the MA-200 to record brass instruments—specifically the trumpet—and I was amazed by the results.�

Guerra described his most recent projects: the Premio Lo Nuestro and FIFA World Cup themes. “Premio Lo Nuestro is very much a techno style composition,� he says. “The music makes extensive use of samplers and synthesizers with a lot of loops. By contrast, the World Cup theme combines the techno loops and synthesizers with a variety of musical styles, including African, Brazilian, and Cuban influences. This composition has some really great brass composition/arranging that sums live to the piece and choruses that repeat a series of melodic and beautiful chants. The MA-200 did a wonderful job of capturing these performances.�

In addition to his TV work, Guerra also used the Mojave MA-200 in the production of albums for international recording and television artist Yamila, who just happens to be his sister. He described a microphone comparison he conducted at the start of the sessions. “Before starting the vocal tracking process,� he explained, “I conducted an extensive comparison with several other high profile microphones that I own. After recording the same music material with the four microphones (all at the same time) and listening carefully to the results, I decided to use my MA-200. I then began experimenting—changing the position of the mic—and I found a beautiful spot in close range where the low frequencies were rich and the highs where very pleasant and natural sounding to my ears. I was so impressed with the MA-200’s performance; I carefully documented its position and took photos of everything.�

While the MA-200 has earned a lofty position in his arsenal of studio tools, Guerra reports that he is equally impressed with Mojave Audio’s customer and technical support services. “While preparing for a recent session,� Guerra said, “my daughter became a bit overly inquisitive and accidentally removed the mic’s shock mount cords. I immediately called Mojave’s customer service line and was instructed to bring the mic in for service. Since I live nearby their offices, I rushed over there and, to my surprise; they repaired the mic right away. I had it back in time for the session. Customer service doesn’t get any better than that.�

As he turned his attention to his next session, Guerra offered the following thoughts. “The most expensive microphones aren’t always your best choice,� he says, “nor are the most affordable microphones. You really need to listen carefully to the results. For the money, my Mojave MA-200 is an amazing piece of engineering that outperforms other microphones costing three times as much. I plan on adding another MA-200 as well as the company’s MA-100 condenser microphone to my mic locker. These days, I always recommend Mojave Audio to my colleagues.�

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