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Monster Beats Studio rsiya is an elegantly

Monster Beats Studio rsiya is an elegantly
verse that follow the rules of bahar, radeef, matla, maqta, and qafiya. Every couplet in a Ghazal should express a single thought or focus on a certain theme in such a way that it has t.Monster Beats Studiohe ability to stand alone. Each couplet in a Ghazal must have the same meter, bahar, the same rhyming pattern, qafiya, and must end in the same words, radeef. Each co.uplet must also have an opening couplet called a matla. Some Ghazals in Urdu poetry have the pen name of the poet incorporated into the last couplet, which is then called maqta. Marsiya. Monster Beats Studio . A Marsiya is an elegantly written poem whose purpose is to express sorrow over the death of a great man o.r a deeply-loved person. From a historical perspective, the traditional Marsiya of Urdu poetry was composed to honour the self-sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Husain and his troops at the Battl.Monster Beats Diamonde of Karbala. This type of Marsiya describes how Hazrat Imam Husain and his comrades fought Yazids army on Karbalas plains. Masnawi. A Masnawi is a long, narrative .epic poem that depicts stories of great battles that were fought in the past. They usually include a philosophical or ethical thought. A Masnawi is much longer than a Ghazal and it conta. Monster Beats Diamondins rhyming couplets. However, each of the couplets have a different rhyming pattern and end in different w.ords. Qasida. A Qasida is very long ballad that is written to praise a king or a nobleman. It sometimes also describes great battles. It is not unusual to find a Qasida that is more tha.n 100 couplets long. Like the Ghazal, the Qasida starts with a rhyming couplet and uses the same qafiya, or rhyming pattern, throughout the poem. The Ghazal as we know it today was origi. monster hello i access nally derived from the Qasida. Nazm. In Urdu poetry, the word Nazm is used to describe a poem that cannot be classified under any particular form. From a literary perspective, each verse in the Nazm is built upon one central theme, as opposed to the theme variation of the couplets in a Ghazal. The verses of a traditional Nazm adhere to the same rhyming pattern, but more modern Nazms
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