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*** Kris Johnson ***
Colorado Springs, CO – April 2014… With more and more houses of worship incorporating contemporary style services into their worship programs as a means of engaging youth, the ability of the sound reinforcement system to deliver a high level of speech intelligibility and music reproduction becomes increasingly important. After all, if the congregation can’t understand what’s being said or relate to the music, it’s very difficult to engage them. That’s why Mountain Springs Church recently upgraded their sound system—drawing upon loudspeakers from the Convert series catalog of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio.

Colorado Springs, CO-based Sight and Sound Technologies, a design / build firm that exists to help churches and organizations excel in the areas of sound, lighting and video, was contracted to design and deploy the church’s new sound system. Kris Johnson, the company’s C.O.O. was involved in all aspects of the project. He discussed the challenges of the job and his reason for deploying D.A.S. Audio’s Convert 15A loudspeakers and SX-218A powered subwoofers.

“Mountain Springs Church is a non-denominational church with contemporary services,” explained Johnson. “The general seating area in the sanctuary measures 100 feet wide and 100 feet deep, with a ceiling height of 28 feet. With its removable seating for 800, the church accommodates roughly 3500 worshippers over the course of multiple services.”

“Music assumes a vital role in every service,” Johnson continued. “The church needed a cost effective solution for their aging sound system and it was very important that the new loudspeaker setup be capable of high SPL output. Being able to monitor and adjust the speakers using D.A.S. Audio’s DASnet™ monitoring and control software was also a key factor in our selection of the D.A.S. equipment. Ultimately, our goal was to achieve rock concert sound—particularly for use during their youth services, which happen every Wednesday evening.”

To address this requirement of the space, Johnson deployed three D.A.S. Audio Convert 15A powered, multi-function loudspeakers—flown horizontally in a L-C-R configuration. The horizontal and vertical dispersion characteristics of the Convert 15A can be ‘converted’ to address the specific requirements of most any application. This is achieved using D.A.S. Audio’s proprietary Digitally Convertible Dispersion™ feature. For low frequency support, the Sight and Sound Technologies team placed three D.A.S. SX-218A sub bass enclosures on the ground under the front edge of the stage. The D.A.S. SX-218A employs two D.A.S. 18SXN high performance transducers in a front loaded bass-reflex enclosure.

When queried about those system attributes that made the D.A.S. Audio Convert loudspeakers the ideal choice for this project, Johnson offered the following, “We chose the Convert 15A loudspeakers for their 90 X 40 degree point source dispersion pattern, high SPL capability, and their ability to be controlled via the company’s DASnet software. With DASnet, we have the ability to provide control over various parameters of each individual enclosure, such as defining zones.”

In addition to the versatility offered by D.A.S. Audio’s Convert series loudspeakers and control software, Johnson was equally impressed with the company’s customer and technical support services. “The team at D.A.S. Audio of America is amazing,” he said. “Everyone has been incredibly helpful. They provided a wealth of product information and support in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to work with a company this responsive to its customers.”

With their new sound reinforcement system operational for several months now, Johnson reports that Mountain Springs Church is very pleased with their new equipment, “We are definitely heroes with church management. We took an old, 16-speaker line array system that was very spotty and didn’t cover the whole room, deployed three Convert 15A’s placed in the right location and, in the process, have covered the entire room evenly. Our client couldn’t be happier, and for us, that’s the best compliment of all.”

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About D.A.S. Audio
Celebrating 40 years of innovation, Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components. D.A.S. Audio products are found on tour with the world’s greatest performing artists and installed in many of the most prestigious facilities. For additional information about D.A.S. Audio, visit the company online at