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Mr. Bonzai Masters “Christmas Tree” at Bernie’s

Music by Film Composer Silas Hite; Music Video by Bonzfire Films

Pictured (L-R) in session at Bernie Grundman Mastering are composer Silas Hite, lyricist Mr. Bonzai and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman. Photo by Jon Leroy.

Award-winning photographer and author Mr. Bonzai has mastered his new song, “O, Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree,” at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Working with Mr. Bonzai’s lyrics and concept, Award-winning composer Silas Hite, nephew of Mark Mothersbaugh, wrote the music and recorded the production with guest vocalist Emily Benson.

“After watching Bernie at work with scores of musicians, it was quite a thrill to have him master our song,” commented Mr. Bonzai. “He really got into it and he works incredibly fast, enthusiastically bringing out the jingle bells, giving a special punch to the percussion, and finalizing a record that sounds great on big speakers or even on tiny iPhone speakers.”

“Weird Al” Yankovic remarked, “I’ve never heard ‘shake my junk’ in a Christmas song before – think you’ve got a hit on your hands!” After hearing the new holiday production, guitar virtuoso Steve Vai added, “How cool! Jing-a-ling!” CJ Vanston, well known for his work with Spinal Tap, commented, “Despite my total abhorrence for Christmas I found your song deliciously charming.”

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