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Mr Kay company should compensate the king tube

Stewardess beautiful tall, dignified elegant image always lets a person want to see a few eye, at the same time also has many people to them the appearance of private curious. According to ETtoday news cloud reported that recently a network called “s private as sac hermes apparent video: stewardess autodyne illicit close according to be grounded against company claim for compensation 310000 media sources: sina entertainment express frequency” is a widespread, these photos are from Beijing a hobby photography stewardess king taken spray. Events after exposure, the king tube in the okay airways to “influence colleagues emotional” for make its grounded nine months, but she insists he is the victim, and the company will be against the court claim is 310000 yuan RMB.

According to the report, the king tube usually besides work, the biggest interest is sac chanel photography, in take also have small reputation, she took five years took a group called “the cloud tulip” series photos, sac prada through burberry pascher the lens real presented stewardess privately unknown shape, among them except in the cabin leg lifts stretch, repair a makeup, there are many only wear underwear, clothing exposed photos.Later, she with “the cloud tulip” in the 60 photo sign up for photo exhibitions, be net friend the other into “s private as video” a large number of post, okay airways, think damaging the company’s image, but also to other employees cause psychological influence, will she grounded nine months and refuse to renewed.

For the company’s the punishment decision, the king tube said, every day we live together, at ordinary times no matter how to clap, has been recognized, and each was photographed all rights have signed. Because of dissatisfaction with the company’s sanction, the king tube will be the company to the court, and claim 310000 yuan.Court of first instance verdict, Mr Kay company should compensate the king tube 64000 yuan, both sides indicated refuses to accept, file an appeal. 24 morning, ErZhongYuan the sac gucci court session of the case, both parties are offered to accept the court mediation, this case at court do not make sentence. (seven young)

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