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Sonnox Plug-Ins Provide Special Hot Mixing Sauce for Multiple Hits

São Paulo, Brazil: Scoring even one chart hit is an accomplishment for anyone, be they artist, producer or engineer.  However, finding four of your mixes riding the Top Ten Charts simultaneously is a MAJOR accomplishment.  With a Latin Grammy win, multiple Grammy nominations and 4 hits in Brazil’s current Top 10 Charts, engineer/ mixer Alexandre Gaiotto is a perpetual hot commodity. Working with top Latin artists such as Djavan, Caetano Veloso, João Carlos Martins and Maria Gadú, he brings a unique skillset to the table for every production.  This is not the first time he’s earned multiple hits on the Top Ten charts, but it is the first time he’s scored four out of ten!

In 2012, Gaiotto won the Latin Grammy for the album “Chitãozinho & Chororó – 40 Years – Symphonic” in the Best Country Music Album category. That same year he was nominated in the Best Engineered Album category for Regina Benedetti’s “O Canto da Sereia.”  In May and June 2015, he is represented by four Top Ten Hits. * 

Each engineer has his personal bag of tricks and favorite tools, for Gaiotto, Sonnox Oxford Plug-ins play a crucial role in virtually all of his work.  “Oxford EQ and Reverb are two of my favorites,” he says “They provide the option to make a big studio sound, or a small one, to add early reflections and make it as dry or wet as you want. I love reverb on guitars with the early reflections, but the rooms sound great on drums. Also, I can tune it by using the EQ inside the reverb itself. 

Gaiotto is also a fan of the Oxford SuprEsser.  “It helps me control the 2 to 3 kHz area which I call the ‘radio frequency,’ and of course, top-end sibilance.  Inflator is also a firm favorite. “I once had a producer tell me the acoustics on the left and right weren’t loud enough. All I did was put Inflator on the group, and he said, “Wow, what did you do?” It was the Inflator – just a little click and it works. It’s just a little plug, but the sound works. It’s amazing!”Sonnox plug-ins are simple and fast to use, but most importantly they sound great, and really help me create beautiful, powerful mixes.

Photo: Brazilian engineer/ mixer Alexandre Gaiotto currently has four hits on Brazil’s Top Ten Chart.


* Felipe and Ferrari – Larissa Charter (OFFICIAL CLIP)

 Janaynna “Te Amo e te Desejo (Made in Coracao)

Lu & Robertinho – Peace Ft. Lucas Lucco

Camila e Haniel – Gelo na Balada ft. Fernando e Sorocaba (Clip Not Available)

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