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The Music Producers Guild And Legacy Studios Launch Production Seminars

The Music Producers Guild, in conjunction with Joram Pinxteren at Legacy Studios in Holland, has initiated a series of seminar/workshops that will run periodically throughout 2013.

The first one, which featured Producer/Engineer Tony Platt, took place in late December 2012 and was attended by an enthusiastic audience comprising producers, engineers, label managers, artists and students.

The delegates signed up for either the morning session or the full day. The morning session took place in the spacious recording room and was attended by over 35 delegates, whilst the afternoon session took place in the control room and was limited to 10.

In the morning, Pinxteren conducted a face to face interview with Tony Platt, in which he discussed his philosophy of production, engineering and music, and revealed many amusing anecdotes. The format encouraged many interesting questions from the delegates and a lively discussion ensued. Platt had some ProTools examples of sessions that he used to explain particular techniques and illustrate his answers to questions.

In the afternoon, Platt addressed a problem recording drums that the engineer at the studio had encountered. The artists and drummer were all present and the group set up the kit and explored different approaches to recording it. The group were impressed with the results achieved from very slightly different ways of going about the process.

The delegates were invited to bring in projects that they wanted advice and evaluation for and discussion about various issues lasted almost all of the rest of the afternoon.

The remainder of the day was spent making comparisons between software and hardware versions of devices that the studio had available and was followed by a buffet dinner at the studio and general chat about a wide range of studio topics.

Commenting on the event, Joram Pinxteren says: “it was very inspiring to hear Tony share some of the secrets behind his iconic work in the past and his views on the future. Everybody will work a little differently after hearing the finer details about his recording approach.”

Those attending were also impressed with the event. Adam Bar-Pereg, a producer/songwriter from The Netherlands, says: “In the Netherlands the possibilities of meeting a top producer from abroad are practically nil, but through the efforts of Legacy Studios and the Music Producers Guild I not only met one of my heroes, but also got the chance to hear his stories and get personal advice on a number of topics. It was a great learning experience and a great social experience as well.”

The next seminar will take place in early March and will feature Gareth Jones. Those wishing to attend should check Legacy Studios’ website for more details.


About Music Producers Guild (UK):

The Music Producers Guild (UK) is an independent and democratic organisation that encourages the highest standards of music production, and actively engages with other music industry organisations to campaign and lobby on matters of important mutual interest.

The MPG represents and promotes the interests of all those involved in the production of recorded music, including producers, engineers, mixers, re-mixers, programmers and mastering engineers.