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MusicBox Launches “Private Reserve” As Unique, New Music Catalogue

Calabasas, CA, May 14, 2008 – MusicBox, a leading music production company that provides thousands of cuts from its original music catalog, as well as original composition and scoring, for television programs, promos, and commercials, has just launched a unique new music catalogue, entitled “Private Reserve.�


MusicBox’s new “Private Reserve� catalogue is a compilation of fresh musical material that has never before been made available to the post production community. Up until now, independent composers have not had an outlet by which to license material that they have kept in their personal archives. MusicBox now offers a portal to Hollywood’s best independent composer’s private stash of cues through “Private Reserve.�

“Private Reserve� offers 1200 musical cuts across 11 dramatic categories, with each cut organized into “Edit Bins� for easy access. The number of cuts will increase on a quarterly basis, as MusicBox strikes future deals with additional composers. “Private Reserve� will be made available through MusicBoxLive at, and through Hard Drive digital distribution.

Dan Stein, MusicBox co-founder, said, “MusicBox — being composer owned and operated — has its benefits. We have close ties to a large community of top notch composers, and recently these relationships spawned a new idea for distributing the catalogs of Hollywood’s most talented independent composers. ‘Private Reserve’ is our newest label — one that is comprised of this untapped source of music for licensing.â€?

Adds Joel Goodman, MusicBox co-founder, “Film and TV composers, as well as independent artists, will all contribute to ‘Private Reserve’ through a screening process that will allow only the most useful material for licensing to be included. This ever growing resource of content is now available through MusicBoxLive.�


Led by co-founders and composers Dan Stein and Joel Goodman, MusicBox provides all genres of music to network and cable TV programs, TV promos, major motion pictures, independent films, movie trailers, national advertising campaigns, and radio spots. The company’s library, comprised of five collections entitled “MusicBox,� “PromoBox,� “Cue,� “MusicBox Classics� and “Private Reserve,� culminate to provide over 200 premium quality discs, and over 7500 musical tracks for the discerning film/television producer or editor.

MusicBox also composes, produces and records original themes, underscore, custom promo music and transitions that are unique and exclusive to each project, by calling upon its diverse staff of composers based in both New York and Los Angeles. The company also works with top music supervisors, popular artists and DJ’s to provide appropriate music for virtually any production genre.

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