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MusicBox Provides Music to Viral Quiznos Campaign

Calabasas, CA, June 6, 2008 — MusicBox, a leading music production company that provides thousands of cuts from its original music catalog, as well as original composition and scoring, for television programs, promos, and commercials, has provided music, through client Cliff Freeman & Partners, to a national Quiznos TV campaign, and to a viral web “Quiznosâ€? spot, entitled “Evil Hand.â€? “Evil Handâ€? will be email blasted on June 6th to over 1.2 Million people who are listed in the Quiznos database.

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The new “Evil Hand� viral web spot for Quiznos follows on the heels of MusicBox having also recently supplied branded music for 8 new Quiznos’ national television spots, comprising the Quiznos “All Foods� campaign. Cliff Freeman & Partners was tasked with scoring or licensing music for the campaign, and they found what they were looking for via the MusicBoxLIVE search engine.

Says Aaron Davis, VP, Licensing, MusicBox, “Our original Quiznos TV campaign music was a jazz piece with a walking bass line and shuffle feel. It was pretty sparse, but had a nice clip to it – it was definitely ‘cool,’ and very well recorded. Cliff Freeman asked us if we could accent that existing track with additional instrumentation, as they had some specific segments that needed to jump out a bit more.â€? As a result, MusicBox producer/co-founder Joel Goodman brought in a sax player to track some flourishes, and also added some piano accents. Within a few days, MusicBox had reached a final new version of the music, which has since been featured in the 8 “All Foods” Quiznos TV spots.

Following the success of these TV spots, Cliff Freeman again went to MusicBox, this time for MusicBox’s music supervisory skills and original music. Cliff Freeman was seeking music to be included in a viral web Quiznos piece called “Evil Hand� to replace a waltz from the “Eyes Wide Shut� soundtrack that they were using as a temp background. “Evil Hand� was submitted to the Cannes Film Festival.

For the “Evil Hand� project, MusicBox worked with Cliff Freeman’s Executive Creative Director Tom Christmann, and Creative Directors Jeff St. Jean and Kristen Koop. Said Christmann, “The idea behind this spot was to give it a tone of mystery and weirdness, so that the heavy viral user would be inclined to pass this along to his friends. We tried to make the spot as non-commercial as possible, and we knew that the music would play an important role in this piece. The music we got from MusicBox was perfect, it was funny and whimsical, and heightened the magic of what we were going for. It added very much to the overall viral allure we were seeking.�

Adds Davis, “The original waltz piece Cliff Freeman was using within ‘Evil Hand’ helped convey the peculiar mood they were looking for, but it didn’t address the conflict featured in the story of ‘Dan,’ the hungry guy who wants to eat a Quiznos sandwich, but can’t, because he’s experiencing major conflict between his ‘left hand’ and his ‘right hand.’ Dan’s right hand is happy because it gets to hold his food, while his left hand feels betrayed and rebels against him. We chose a track from our MusicBox library that straddled love and languish, the have and have not, but in a desperate, uneasy sort of way. Cliff Freeman loved this new idea, and while it was a step away from their original one, everyone felt it worked better. The new music helped to convey more feeling from all the spot’s characters — Dan the eater, his left hand and his right!â€?


Led by co-founders and composers Dan Stein and Joel Goodman, MusicBox provides all genres of music to network and cable TV programs, TV promos, major motion pictures, independent films, movie trailers, national advertising campaigns, and radio spots. The company’s library, comprised of five collections entitled “MusicBox,� “PromoBox,� “Cue,� “MusicBox Classics� and “Private Reserve,� culminate to provide over 200 premium quality discs, and over 7500 musical tracks for the discerning film/television producer or editor.

MusicBox also composes, produces and records original themes, underscore, custom promo music and transitions that are unique and exclusive to each project, by calling upon its diverse staff of composers based in both New York and Los Angeles. The company also works with top music supervisors, popular artists and DJ’s to provide appropriate music for virtually any production genre.

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