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MXL Offers Complete Zoom Room Bundle

TORRANCE, CA, JUNE 24, 2019 MXL Microphones unveils an all-in-one camera and microphone solution, the ACVC-360-Z Zoom Room Bundle. The ACVC-360-Z is comprised of the AC-360-Z microphone, the CV610 HD PTZ camera and an assortment of USB cables and mounting accessories for an easy, out of the box installation.

The ACVC-360-Z can be easily configured to connect to multiple units. The AC-360-Z microphone has a twelve-capsule design for 25-ft. audio pickup range. The CV610 HD PTZ Camera with 10x optical zoom, has a 340° horizontal pan range and 120° vertical tilt range. The ACVC-360-Z makes it simpler than ever to capture accurate audio and video in meeting rooms and huddle rooms.

The MXL AC-360-Z, designed for Zoom Video Communications, uses twelve internal microphone capsules, divided into four quadrants, to ensure 360 degrees of perfect speech intelligibility within a 25-ft. radius, without reliance on any additional equipment. Each quadrant of the AC-360-Z acts as an independent device for optimal performance and fidelity and brings 360-degree pickup with crystal clear speech clarity and power through USB-C. The AC-360-Z is compatible with any Mac or PC device through simple plug-and-play connectivity and has a durable metal finish and low-profile design.

The new CV610 is a 5-megapixel camera with 1/2.8-inch sensor. The 1920x1080p, 1280x720p, 640x480p high resolution allows for a clear and precise picture and has a 30 / 15 / 8 frame per second rate. The camera lens offers a 10x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, 62.5-degree AOV and 6.5-degree telephoto. The wide 340-degree horizontal pan with 120-degree vertical tilt provides complete range of motion. Remote control for the CV610 is operated by UVC 1.5, RS232, RS485, USB2.0 or IR remote up to 128 preset locations for more flexibility.

“With the introduction of the Zoom Room bundle with the AC-360-Z Microphone and CV610 HD PTZ Camera, we are raising the bar and delivering an unrivaled unified communication experience for Zoom Rooms,” says Scott Krueckeberg, Director of MXL Microphones. “We’ve designed an elegant solution for providing maximum coverage right out of the box.”

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