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NAMM 2017: Top 21 Product Debuts

NAMM is always a crazy show packed with people and gear, but this year was different. Mix’s press feeds and booth visits showed new microphones, speakers, wireless, PAs large and small, accessories, interfaces, headphones, converters and more. Enjoy our Top 21 NAMM Hits!

Cliff Maag Sr. and Jr. of Maag Audio had their MAGNUM-K compressor on display, comprising two compressor sections and a parallel EQ.

Sennheiser showed its HD 200 PRO headphones and the new Neumann KH 80 DSP studio monitors, their first speaker with DSP.

Audio Technica had the slick ATM350a Mic Mount systems on-hand, plus new studio headphone bundles and new System 10 PRO Rack-Mount Digital Wireless System Configurations.

Focusrite debuted the Scarlett OctoPre and OctoPre Dynamic 8-channel mic preamps.

DiGiCo had the SD12 small-footprint live console featuring the latest generation of Super FPGA chips and 72 input channels with full processing.

Ultimate Ears launched the UE Pro Sound Tap, a compact and versatile stage accessory that plugs directly into any on-stage speaker and passes the mix through to the performer’s IEMs.

SlateDigital introduced the Virtual Studio, a suite of hardware and software products working together to create an entire studio system.

Littlelabs had the new Monotor on hand, featuring an audiophile circuit path using a single, active stage per headphone output.

Bock Audio debuted the U99 multi-pattern tube microphone, featuring a k67 dual-symmetrical backplate, dual-membrane capsule along with the signature Soundelux USA “fat” switch.

Dynaudio PRO showed the new LYD 48 featuring a three-way speaker design, coupling an 8-inch and a 4-inch woofer with a 1-inch tweeter.

Radial Engineering had the new Key-Largo, combining a multichannel keyboard mixer with the performance attributes of a real-time footswitch controller.

API’s TranZformer is a high-end guitar pedal featuring an API 525 feedback-type compressor with a guitar-optimized 3-band equalizer, both independently in/out switchable.

Barefoot playbackis now much more affordable with the introduction of the new Footprint O1 three-way monitor, incorporating designs from the line and listing at $3500 a pair.

Waves showed the new official software version of the Dugan automixer for automatic control of multiple mic gains, designed for integrated use inside their eMotion LV1 live mixing console.

HARMAN announced the Connected PA, a complete, integrated ecosystem of live sound products. While JBL showed the new powered version of their 7 Series monitors.

Universal Audio had the new Apollo MKII, a ground-up redesign of the world’s most popular professional desktop recording interface for Mac and Windows.

Plugin Alliance and Black Box Analog Design announced a novel tube-emulation plug-in and the companies’ first collaboration: HG-2. A turbo-charged digital version of Black Box’s high-end analog processor with the same name.

Cloudlifter showed the Zi featuring continuously variable input impedance from 150 ohms to 15k ohms and a variable low-cut filter.

AKG unveiled the C636 Master Reference Handheld Condenser microphone featuring feedback suppression, double shock suspension, and a multilayer protection system preventing unwanted plosives.

The Lynx Aurora(n) converter features a modular design and an onboard 32 channel microSD recorder across 14 models.

Transaudio Group showed the new passive ATC SCM12 monitor and the ATC P1 PRO stand-alone amplifier among much more from their extensive lines.

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