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‘Natural Vocals’ and ‘Precision Highs beats by dre uk

beats by dre uk Coupled with the compact, folding design, it’s clear that Skullcandy is aiming the Navigator at smartphone the US priced at $99 (around ?61 excluding taxes.) UK availability for the headphones has yet to be confirmed, but seems likely to be an Apple exclusive over this side of the pond as well – at least initially.Skullcandy has announced a new entry in its sunglasses-inspired line-up: the Skullcandy Navigator.

cheap beats studio Designed as a more streamlined alternative to the company’s Roc Nation Aviator, the most eye-catching feature of the Navigator set is its appearance: when folded, the earcups are designed to look like a pair of the iconic sunglasses, featuring a reflective metallic finish and sections that extend into a nose-bridge.part of the company’s ‘Supreme Sound’ branding.

cheap dr dre beats in which it is keen to point out the improved quality of its audio offerings as well as their interesting designs. As a ‘Supreme Sound’ headset, Skullcandy promises ‘Attacking Bass,’ ‘Natural Vocals’ and ‘Precision Highs’ – a somewhat laboured way of saying the headphones perform well through the entire frequency range.package that you won’t find anywhere else,” Nate Morley.

Skullcandy’s vice president of marketing, said at the launch event. “To add to that, we’ve included the full gamut of Skullcandy’s innovative features to create an all-encompassing audio experience for any audiophile.”but these aren’t exactly products most people would need around the house. Teague Labs’ John Mabry may have found a much more practical device to print with his “13:30” headphones, which were assembled from 3D printed components and fitted together by hand cheap beats by dre .