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~ Connectors Aid With Customized Equipment Setup ~

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Neutrik USA takes to the road as the connector of choice for Grammy Award nominated, American synth rock band Shiny Toy Guns. Neutrik supplied several of its XX Series connectors and ¼� plugs to the band to be used on its most recent U.S. tour.

Shiny Toy Guns is unique in terms of its cable and connector needs. The majority of the band’s inputs are sources that do not make sound on their own because of the band’s heavy lean towards synth and electronic music. In order for the group to re-create its signature sound on stage, the crew hand-creates all of its own cable looms to bundle the cables together. Each one is tailored and specific to meet the needs of each of the band’s individual members and the amount of equipment that surrounds them. With the incredible amount of racked instruments and looms numbering 48 channels, the band turns to Neutrik on each of its tour stops, from the smallest clubs to its large arena performances.

“Our crew will walk into a tiny venue with enough looms to mic the London Philharmonic Orchestra,� says co-producer/synth player/bassist Jeremy Dawson. “The promoters lose their minds and refuse our input list. But thanks to the reliability of Neutrik’s connectors and our crews’ ability to build looms out of earthworms if necessary, we can play virtually anywhere and in any size venue flawlessly and without interruption.�

Neutrik provided [40] 3-pole female XX Series XLR connectors (NC3FXX), [40] 3-pole male XX Series XLR connectors (NC3MXX), [40] 3-pole 1/4″ professional phone plug (NP3X) and [5] 2-pole 1/4″ Silent plugs (NP2X-AU-Silent) to be used on tour with the band.

“Providing our connector products to a band like Shiny Toy Guns was a no-brainer,� says Fred Besnoff, product applications manager at Neutrik USA. “Not only because they are great musicians with an extensive fan base, but as a connector manufacturer, we respect their crews’ intuition in creating their own looms on stage as a way to ensure the band is accurately and securely connected while performing in any venue.�

Shiny Toy Guns consists of keyboardist and bassist Jeremy Dawson, vocalist and guitarist Chad Petree, drummer Mikey Martin and lead vocalist Sisely Treasure. They have released two studio CDs including three versions of its We are Pilots, which featured three singles that peaked inside Billboard magazine’s top 30 Modern Rock Charts in the U.S. Its most recent album, Season Of Poison, was released on November 4th, 2008 with two singles, “Ricochet!” and “Frozen Oceans” released on the band’s MySpace page in September 2008 For more information visit,

Neutrik manufactures a wide array of XLR connectors and receptacles, jacks and plugs, speaker connectors and accessories for the professional audio industry. Neutrik USA is located at 195 Lehigh Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701.

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