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New for 2018: GameSoundCon & The Halp Network Present A Dedicated Track for Dialogue, Voice Over & Performance

Seattle, WA – GameSoundCon, the premier conference for video game music and sound design, is expanding its offering once again. This year, the company has partnered with The Halp Network, the experts in connecting quality talent with content creators, to create a multi-session track about Dialogue and Performance in video games.

Designed for game voice over directors, voice over talent and actors, editors and game developers, the track highlights solutions for dialogue and performance in video games ranging from talent direction to technical pipelines to contracts and legal issues.

“Game dialogue is a critical part of audio in games. The new Dialogue and Performance track is the next natural step on our continued growth.” says Brian Schmidt, founder of GameSoundCon. “Partnering with the professionals at The Halp Network is a big win for the GameSoundCon community.”

“Dialogue has long been a stepchild of game development. With technology advances and a focus on narrative design, we’ve developed curated sessions that will be useful for all professionals who want to better understand how to implement high quality, cost effective dialogue and how it differs from other media,” says William “Chip” Beaman. “Our goal for this track is to bring together professionals to help set best practices for dialogue and performance in games,” adds Julia Bianco Schoeffling. Chip and Julia are the co-founders of The Halp Network, that connects creative entertainment industry professionals.

Sessions include “The Evolution of Voice in Games” taking attendees through voice over history from Mario to Nathan Drake, “A Conversation about Dialogue with Naughty Dog” revealing the studio’s approach to the dialogue process in games, and “In Defense of the Dialogue Supervisor”, explaining the important and evolving role of dialogue specialists.

Other highlights include the “Dialogue Editing & Mastering Bootcamp” where Garrett Montgomery, MPSE, walks attendees through best practices in dialogue editorial for games, useful tools, and common pitfalls, drawing on his experience editing “Call of Duty”, “The Last of Us”, “Legend of Zelda”, “Halo” and over 130 video games with top directors and actors on titles published by Microsoft, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Riot, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Nintendo, Sony, Konami, Warner Brothers and others.

Also available is a hands-on masterclass teaching developers how they can make a radical impact on dialogue content and a session covering how even smaller development teams will be able to collaborate with SAG-AFTRA’s most talented actors, by taking an in-depth look at the first low-budget Interactive Media Agreement.

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GameSoundCon has extended the Earlybird rate to September 14: $449 (regular ticket price: $725). To register, please go to

About GameSoundCon

Over the past decade, GameSoundCon has grown into the largest professional conference dedicated to game music and sound design and audio for virtual reality. It is the leading resource for sound designers and composers from Film, TV, music or other traditional media who are looking to widen their skills when it comes to composing music for games, and for experienced game audio professionals who want to learn more about Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and stay on the cutting edge. The conference is held on October 9-10 in the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

About The Halp Network

The Halp Network is the brainchild of industry veterans William “Chip” Beaman and Julia Bianco Schoeffling. The company is a trusted network of creative entertainment industry professionals and vendors. Chip is an award-winning entertainment veteran with nearly 30 years of experience. He most recently served as the VP for Formosa Group’s Interactive Division overseeing the audio and Voice Over production of some of the industry’s most well-known titles. Julia has built a network of incredibly talented connections over the past 15 years in the business. She has had her hand in some of the most influential franchises in history including Gears of War, God of War, Call of Duty, Skylanders, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and many more. She previously held the post of Director of Voice Over Services and Head of Casting at Formosa Group.