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New Recording Facility, Castle Rock Studios Opens in UK with SSL AWS 924

AWS Available to Recording, Rehearsal and Presentation Rooms

ALDERLEY EDGE, UK – A Solid State LogicAWS 924Hybrid Console/Controller is bringing audio together for Castle Rock Studios, a new facility featuring recording, rehearsal and live presentation spaces. The addition of the console helps Castle Rock Studios achieve the design goal of being the only commercial studio in North West England featuring an AWS. The AWS handles everything from capture, mixing and mastering for music recordings to live performances within the Castle Rock building.

“When researching the market for a suitable desk, we decided to scrap our original plans of going for a basic controller as it soon became apparent that the SSL desk was not only a market leader, but scarcely available in commercial studios in the North West of England,” says John Stretford, managing director of Castle Rock Studios, Ltd. “We spoke to leading producers about the AWS and the overwhelming consensus was that SSL was the way to go. The AWS is the industry expression for quality recordings and professional mindset. The console gives us market distinction, while providing the excellence necessary to make our facility a creative haven.”

With the installation of the AWS, the dream of building a mid-level professional studio where experienced engineers and producers could dry hire for projects was achieved. The facility is also designed to attract up- and-coming talent, looking for a place to either record a project or rehearse with the option of recording. A live presentation room rounds out the studio’s offerings, providing a suitable platform for showcase performances. The AWS brings the various space elements together for maximum flexibility.

“The Castle Rock Studio is a recording studio that comprises a surround capable control room, two adjacent window-connected live rooms, a vocal booth and editing room,” Stretford explains. “The AWS gives us excellent control of our three DAW systems and, because we wired all the rooms in the facility back to the AWS, we can offer better options to groups that simply want to come in and use a rehearsal space or host a live presentation.”

Castle Rock Studios also offers three fully-equipped rehearsal rooms, fitted with poly-cylindrical diffusers and adjustable wall mounted panels. The largest of these spaces is also equipped for showcase performances and photo/video shoots with HD video projection facilities. All three rooms are connected via patch panels to capture rehearsals when requested, or Castle Rock can accommodate a small orchestra split into the different rooms.

“The AWS 924 is the ideal tool to accomplish the various aspects of our business,” states Stretford. “We certainly wanted a desk that could address both new media production situations and straight-on recording. In this day of samples and loops, the AWS gives us an advantage when dealing with our DAW software. We asked quite a few industry professionals about what equipment to buy for Castle Rock. While everyone had differing opinions about this or that microphone, outboard mic pre and the like, everyone agreed that the AWS was the best choice for a console hands down.”

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