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New Solid State Logic AWS 948 Console Ignites Pre-Release Sales World-Wide

The Console that Changed the Industry Poised to Change It Again

BEGBROKE, OXFORD, ENGLAND – The console that changed the industry, the Solid State Logic AWS 900, is now poised to change it again with the recent release of the AWS 948 console/controller. Studios from all over the globe have jumped at the opportunity to own this new breed of AWS that offers a collection of radical new features and doubled channel count. Sales were ticking up even before the official release of the console at the 2010 AES Convention, proving the AWS 948 is continuing the AWS legacy.

Initial Pre-Release Sales Include:

Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA.

The legendary powerhouse recording facility, Sigma Sound Studios, has installed the innovative new AWS 948 as part of a significant studio upgrade. Sigma chose the AWS 948 because it has more inputs than the classic 900, giving the studio more SuperAnalogueâ„¢ sound quality and a great summing platform. The AWS 948 joins an SSL Duality at the studio to handle music recording projects

Yohann Sveig’s Boburst Productions, Paris
Boburst Studios specializes in music to picture, branding and sound design for composer Yohann Zveig. Zveig has penned many scores for film and television, including music from the show “The Poster of the Day� for TF1 and a new anthem for the UEFA Europa League. The AWS 948 provides Zveig with the added size and power necessary to expand his studio operations, in a newly-designed mixing room.

Pepper Studio, Bayern, Germany
Pepper Studio is refurbishing its operation around a new AWS 948 console in Studio A. The studio facility is part of Artists & Acts Music Publishing, a record label that covers everything from pop and comedy to rock and folk.

In addition music production, engineer Tobias Wendl uses the AWS 948 for mixing movie scores in stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound.

The AWS 948 delivers SSL’s signature SuperAnalogue™ sound combined with an expanded channel count and DAW control. Pepper Studio owns a generous amount of classic outboard gear and musical instruments and the AWS 948 brings the different elements together for capture on a Pro Tools® and Nuendo system. The AWS 948 in Studio A is joined by SSL Alpha-Link, MadiXtreme and Duende units with Studio B featuring the new SSL Nucleus as well as Duende.

ID2Mix, Paris
ID2Mix, situated in the heart of Paris, specializes in post production audio, music composition and creation, sound design and mixing for projects. Composer Hervé Cohen runs the studio and decided to replace his AWS 900+ SE with the new AWS 948. ID2Mix benefits from the greater channel capacity the AWS 948 offers for tracking, mixing and in-line console operation mode.

Bill Denison
Music producer, Bill Denison, the guitarist for the progrock group Zen Carnival, as well as the new Americana project, Tenderfoot, is interested in sound experimentation within the rock, jazz, electronic, and Americana genres. Denison recently installed an AWS 948 in his project studio to provide the coveted SSL sonic punch and clarity, and is very happy that this new SSL model provides the in-line and stem workflow configurations that suites his work style. The AWS 948 replaces many components in his previous in-the-box setup, significantly streamlining his recording system and creative workflow.

Vivace Music, Motevideo, Uruguay
Vivace Music is a world-class music production facility being built in Montevideo, Uruguay. The two-room facility, designed by Walters Storyk Design Group, is to house an AWS 948 with a Pro Tools® HD system in Control Room A. Vivace Music will target music production focusing on live performance and real players with a strong belief that emotion in music comes from humans instead of machines, hence the name of “Vivace” which is an Italian music term for fast tempo and stands for “lively” and “vivid”.
The AWS 948 helps achieve that goal by providing the level of audio clarity, punch and depth expected from an SSL console.

IMP Music Publishing, Berlin
IMP Music Publishing, a company that creates music tracks for television programming and commercials, has installed an AWS 948 to upgrade their studio. Because of the 948’s greater channel count, IMP can now mix orchestral and live music tracks that were recorded in larger studios. The console delivers the signature SSL analogue audio sound and flexibility combined with control of resident DAW systems.

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