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New York Jets Struggling to Sell Out MetLife Stadium Monday Night? Cheap jerseys NFL Jerseys


Lost in last week’s shutout loss, there was an unfortunate development for the New York Jets, right here in their home stadium.

MetLife Stadium was littered with red jerseys, as San Francisco 49ers fans made their way into the stadium in droves, effectively negating any home field NFL jerseys advantage that Jets would normally have.

This week, it might be worse. There were reports that as of Friday, the Jets still had 12,000 unsold seats for Monday night’s game with the Houston Texans, which could conceivably mean a potential local blackout in New York.

Now, less than 32 hours from game time, the Jets are taking every measure possible to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The chances of the game being locally blacked out are slim to none, but it has to be a concern for upper management that Jets fans are not lining up to get to the stadium these days.

If the Jets continue to struggle selling tickets, I’d have to imagine that there would be increasing pressure from owner Woody Johnson to possibly Cheap jerseys push for more Tim Tebow, the human ticket dispenser.

Johnson usually lets the football people handle the football responsibilities, but it’s still his product out there, and if he keeps seeing empty seats, he might get a little antsy.
The last thing the Jets need right now is too many cooks in the kitchen. Panic moves would only make things worse.