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BUENA PARK, Calif.–Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of the NEXO RS15 low-profile high-output, modular, scalable bass cabinet. The first in the RS (Ray Sub) Series, the RS15 is capable of operating in both omni-directional and cardioid modes. Comprised of a 15-inch transducer with a frequency response of 35Hz – 200Hz in omni or 35Hz- 150Hz in directional mode and a sensitivity of 105db SPL, the versatile RS15 is ideal for system installations and touring requirements.

Offering a breakthrough on both technological and application levels, the patent-pending NEXO RS15 offers directive subwoofer coverage from a standard bass reflex architecture. Simply turning the cabinet vertically or horizontally will change its characteristics from omni to cardioid.

“With this technology, the RS15 will provide unprecedented control in low frequency directivity,” states Albert Cardenas, acoustic systems manager. “The addition of the new Ray Sub Series will provide even more options for NEXO customers.”

Digital signal processing, via NX242-ES4 TDcontrollers, enables the RS15 to display precise cardioid pattern control through the DSP-processed correlation of acoustic distances between transducer and vent sources. These sources are linearly positioned in the output direction of the cardioid pattern. Since the RS15 sub does not face the same direction in omni and cardioid mode, in cardioid mode the sidewalls (where the rigging system is attached) act as the cabinet‘s front and rear face and its cardioid LF and VLF energy propagates from only one end of the enclosure, rather than from the front face, regardless of whether speaker cones are positioned on the side or top. The RS15‘s cardioid pattern reduces rear levels by 15-18dB, minimizing rear/side wall reflections.

Designed in conjunction with NEXO‘s new GEO S12 Series of loudspeakers, the RS15 also may be used in tandem with the entire NEXO product line. Ray Sub technology raises the bar for the standards and application capabilities of sub woofers. The patent-pending technology is based on optimizing positioning and phase relationships of radiating surfaces in vented enclosures, permitting acoustic distance from rear to front sections to increase as frequency decreases. Rear and front sections sum up efficiently over the entire subwoofer bandwidth, allowing for an average of 5 db gain from the rear section in the forward direction and canceling in the rear direction.

Utilized in a stand alone format, RS technology allows the same cabinet to be configured for any polar pattern, omni-directional as a standard direct radiating subwoofer when speakers are facing the audience, or highly directional when a speaker cabinet is rotated sideways or upwards. When used in arrays, NEXO RS subwoofers can be set back to back, front to front, in vertical columns, and when column length is sufficient be beam-steered upwards or downwards.

The NEXO RS15 is currently available at an MSRP of $3,800.

For more information on the NEXO RS15, contact Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc., 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA 90620; telephone 714-522-9011; e-mail [email protected] or visit


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