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Nick Tipp Nabs TELEFUNKEN Mics for New Classical Project

Prolific LA recording engineer, mixer, and audio/video producer Nick Tipp specializes in recording and mixing live performances, both acoustic and amplified, and live in-studio tracking. Tipp recently used his new TELEFUNKEN matched stereo pair of M60 condenser microphones to record viola and cello for an upcoming release by renowned composer Ted Hearne.

“I’m extremely pleased with this Telefunken master set,” comments Tipp. For a variety of applications, each of his stereo M60 mics come with three interchangeable cardioid, omnidirectional and hypercardiod capsules. “I’ve been using the M60s in all three patterns on most of the current records I’m working on and all of my live classical concerts.”

TELEFUNKEN’s M60 Series Stereo Set of FET condenser microphones includes precision gain-matched M60 amplifiers and three frequency matched pairs of capsules with right angle cables in a convenient carrying case.

“I’ve just grown to love the M60 system more and more with each session, ” says Tipp. “I’m using these mics more than any others in spot miking, using both cardioid style capsules and even occasionally using them in omni to supplement the center and the deep center for Left-Right-Center imaging. The brightness is perfect back there where the sources lose HF being so far from the mains.”

With over 20 years of experience recording bands, ensembles, and artists in wildly diverse rooms and spaces, Tipp is well-known for his ability to create unique, purpose-built recording environments, both physically and sonicly. As an example of his talents, he managed production for all live broadcasts for two years of the annual Moogfest music festival in Durham NC.

“I’ve never been as happy with a mic system,” Tipp continues. “At the price point for these mics, I would heartily recommend the master set as a first purchase for spot mics in acoustic contexts. Later when the engineer may own many more mics, they will always be incredibly useful.”

Tipp has been recording the work of Ted Hearne for his upcoming “Place” album, for release in March 2020 alongside the LA Philharmonic’s production of the same piece at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Composer, singer, bandleader and recording artist, Hearne draws on a wide range of influences ranging across music’s full terrain, to create intense, personal and multi-dimensional works. The New York Times has praised Hearne for his “tough edge and wildness of spirit,” and “topical, politically sharp-edged works.” Pitchfork called Hearne’s work “some of the most expressive socially engaged music in recent memory — from any genre,” and Alex Ross wrote in The New Yorker that Hearne’s music “holds up as a complex mirror image of an information-saturated, mass-surveillance world, and remains staggering in its impact.”

“I’ve been using these new Telefunken mics all over Ted’s new work that I’m producing,” concludes Tipp. “We received one of the three nominations for the Pulitzer Prize in music last year and this new one is simply phenomenal.”

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