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Nitelites Invests In Martin Audio WS218X Subs

Newcastle-based production company NiteLites has replaced their front line inventory of sub-woofers with 24 of Martin Audio’s WS218X twin 18in high-output enclosures.

This large-scale system was immediately pressed into service with two high-profile DJ arena shows with crowds of 10,000 people — first with David Guetta, who played Edinburgh’s popular Royal Highland Centre at Ingliston, followed by DJ Tiesto’s performance at Braehead Arena in Glasgow.

According to NiteLites director, Jamie Moore, both were exceptional shows, which provided a great baptism for the speakers.

“We had needed more subs to do some cardioid stacking — and with these shows coming up, coupled with the start of the fireworks season, we knew we were not going to reinvest in the brand we had been using previously.�

Instead he opted for the WS218X. “This is one of the best 2 x 18 subs within that price bracket on the

market, and we have been a fan of the brand since the early days — in fact since my father started the business.�

With the two DJ shows, the subs also demonstrated their versatility. All 24 enclosures were out at both events, stacking in a cardioid array with Guetta and set in four stacks of six for Tiesto.

In addition to the WS218X, NiteLites also run 20 x Martin Audio low profile LE1500’s as their main floor monitors.

Pics: NiteLites’ new WS218X’s in use — with DJ Tiesto in Glasgow and David Guetta in Edinburgh

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