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Now available: Quiztones App for Android

Ear training app for better recording, mixing, and live sound for Android users

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., September 6, 2012 – Quiztones founder Dan Comerchero announces the release of an Android version of the popular ear training app Quiztones.

Quiztones for Android is a frequency ear training app for amateur and professional audio engineers, producers, and musicians. Previously only available for Mac and iOS, it has helped countless musicians and audio professionals train their ears to instantly and intuitively recognize frequencies. This is useful when mixing, adjusting EQ settings, and identifying/eliminating feedback.

Audio professionals as well as amateur musicians spend a great deal of time analyzing frequencies, whether adjusting them for a good mix in the studio, or trying to get rid of feedback on stage. Ear training with Quiztones can make this a lot faster and easier by training the ear and eliminating trial and error methods of frequency identification such as sweeping.

Ever since Quiztones hit the market, Comerchero has been receiving requests to develop Quiztones for Android. “What can I say, the ‘when will Quiztones be available for Android’ emails just wore me down”, he jokes, and adds, “There were so many Android users asking for Quiztones, I literally had no other choice but to build it.”

Now, Android users, too, can use the clever quizzes to engage in training exercises from sine waves and pink noise to real-world sounds like frequency-altered drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and vocals.

Quiztones will…

• sharpen your ears & frequency recognition skills
• improve your mixing and EQ chops
• prevent noise and frequency buildup in your mixes & recordings
• eliminate the need to sweep for frequencies

Quizzes included in Quiztones Android version 1:

• Sine Waves
• Pink Noise
• Piano
• Drums
• Bass
• Electric Guitar
• Acoustic Guitar

The Android version is available on the Google Play Store at an introductory price of $1.99.

To learn more about Quiztones, visit: and follow Quiztones on Twitter and Facebook.

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About Dan Comerchero and Epic Windmill:
Quiztones for Android was conceptualized by Dan Comerchero and developed by Epic Windmill. Dan Comerchero is a musician and entrepreneur currently living in St. Paul, MN. Dan graduated from McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor of Science in Music Production and is the founder of Quiztones and The Pro Audio Files.

Epic Windmill is a software development company owned and operated by Laurence Muller (M.Sc.). It is based in the Netherlands and primarily focuses on mobile and multi-touch app development.

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