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Kansas City, MO – February 2008 … Since February 5th–when Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama almost evenly split the results of the mega primary day that drew record voter turnout across several states–Barack Obama has gone on to score impressive wins in the following 11 primaries/caucuses. On February 9th, Senator Obama attended a political rally to generate voter enthusiasm the day before the Maine Democratic caucus, which he then won. That rally, held at the Bangor Auditorium was filled to capacity–inside and outside–and during his speech, Obama used a MIPRO wireless microphone system, distributed in North America by Avlex Corporation.

Could it be that the clean, articulate sound quality of the MIPRO wireless system helped propel Obama to such stunning success? While we‘ll never know for sure, it certainly didn‘t hurt!

Bronson Audio Visual & Event Services was charged with the responsibility of handling sound for the rally. The firm, which provides sound, lighting, projection, and multi-media systems for meetings and events, was tasked with running sound both inside and outside the Bangor Auditorium. According to John Bronson, President of Bronson Audio Visual & Event Services, “Inside, the building was filled to its capacity of 5,600 people. To accommodate all the attendees that showed up, there was a second, outside location where Senator Obama spoke, and that rally drew a capacity crowd estimated at another 3,000 people. Turnout was nothing short of spectacular.”

As part of the sound reinforcement systems deployed that day, Bronson and his crew selected two MIPRO ACT-707HM PLL synthesized handheld transmitters used in conjunction with two MIPRO ACT-707D dual channel receivers. Bronson selected the dual channel receivers so that he had a back-up receiver channel for each microphone.

“Based on our experience with the MIPRO wireless mics,” said Bronson, “I knew the system would provide the clarity necessary to provide a clean signal for amplification and the direct audio feeds to the 48 channels of press mults and Internet feeds used by the media. The MIPRO ACT-707 systems provide us the flexibility to target and change frequencies quickly, and this capability is essential in this type of application, where many broadcasters and security radios arrive at the last minute. I find the ACT-707HM to be extremely reliable, very conservative on power, and the performance of the cardioid condenser head provides great reach if the speaker holds the mic low. Similarly, it does a great job with high SPLs in the event that someone shouts directly into the mic.”

Bronson reports that the primary line array was located 16 feet behind Senator Obama and the off axis rejection of the mic provided extreme gain before feedback. “One of the additional features of the mic that I‘m quite fond of is the easy-to-use single on/off switch,” continued Bronson. “This switch causes less confusion for users. The ACT-707D dual channel receivers provide full monitoring of RF and AF signal level as well as battery condition. The transmit and receive capabilities of this system are very impressive.”

The February 9th rally was a huge success–both for Senator Obama and Bronson Audio Visual & Event Services. In addition to being an enthusiastic advocate for MIPRO wireless systems, Bronson is equally enamored with the level of customer and technical support provided by Avlex Corporation. “The MIPRO wireless systems performed flawlessly,” states Bronson, “but I knew that going into the event. I‘ve also been very impressed with the support for these products that Avlex provides. From our initial contact with Avlex through the successful sales and use of their products on numerous projects, we have consistently been extremely satisfied and will continue to recommend, use, and sell their equipment.”

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