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LAS VEGAS, NV – Odds On Records & Studios recently hosted a VIP presentation of Roland’s V-Piano® in its Studio A Duality room. Staff from Odds on Records & Studios was joined by representatives from Roland – Ed Ulibarri and Scott Tibbs – along with noted industry keyboardists, engineers and mixers to preview Roland’s newest V-Piano in a real-world studio environment.

Odds On Records & Studios is a brand new $7 million multi-faceted recording facility located just a few miles from the famous Las Vegas strip. Offering a parallel world where vintage gear and state-of-the-art recording equipment co-exist, Odds On Records & Studios makes history as the home of a 96-channel Solid State Logic Duality console, the first of its size in North America.

“Odd’s On Records & Studios

graciously hosted this event, helping us present our new state-of-the-art product to the talented people within the Las Vegas music community,â€? says Ed Ulibarri, district sales manager at Roland. “We at Roland couldn’t ask for a better environment to showcase the V-Piano. I have been in many top recording studios across the country, and am happy to say that Odds On is up there with the very best. The studio is warm, inviting and is conducive to the creative experience. Any top recording artist would love this studio.â€?

As the latest recording destination in the area, Roland utilized Odds On brand-new facility to introduce its latest product offering to noted industry professionals. Roland has pioneered many groundbreaking technologies and “world’s first� products. In recent decades, no family of Roland instruments has won more respect and acclaim than the revolutionary “V� series: V-Accordion®, V-Bass, V-Drums®, V-Guitar and V-Synth®. Roland proudly announces the next chapter in the V legacy…the V-Piano.

The V-Piano soars above the limitations of past technologies with its revolutionary “living� piano core, allowing every note to respond and evolve naturally, seamlessly, and perfectly without requiring samples. With the V-Piano, there is no velocity switching, and it provides a smooth, natural decay that must be heard to be believed.

“Hosting the Roland event was a great way to try out the new V-Piano first hand, while also showcasing the breathe of services that we offer at Odds On Records & Studios,� says Bob Ferrari, head of audio production at Odds On. “The event went off without a hitch and we were happy to host such a high-profile event with such a prominent manufacturer.�

About Odds On Records & Studios
Located an arm’s length from the Las Vegas strip, Odds On Records & Studios is a $7 million multi-faceted recording facility that combines vintage flair with state-of-the-art technology. The recording studio houses the largest mixing console in North America, a 96-input SSL Duality, as well as such classic industry gear as restored AKG, Gefell and Neumann tube microphones. Odds On Records & Studios has hosted several A-list artists including Alicia Keys, Air Supply, Ultraviolet Sound, and up and coming Australian group, Blue King Brown. Odds On Records & Studios delivers an array of recording services under one umbrella, including its own record label. For more information about Odds On Records & Studios, visit

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