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“Oh, Let’s Krystal,” Unbridled Rock Out Song with Attitude, Produced by Hummingbird Productions for New Krystal Restaurants Campaign

Nashville, TN, October 28, 2013 – Hummingbird Productions, one of America’s leading producers of original music and sound design for the advertising industry, has contributed a fun, original song to a new regional campaign promoting Krystal Restaurants. The song can be heard in three new, 30-second TV spots which just broke in regional markets across the Southeastern United States. The announcement was made today by Bob Farnsworth, CEO/Founder/Creative Director, Hummingbird Productions. See:

Hummingbird’s client for the new Krystal campaign was the MARC USA/Chicago, Inc. For the campaign, Hummingbird produced a new song, “Oh…Let’s Krystal” — a contemporary, unbridled, “rock out” piece of music with a lot of attitude and a very cool vibe featuring vocals. Each of the spots features Voice Over work from country music artist Andy Griggs. The song “Oh…Let’s Krystal” was written by Casey Cornett and Ryan Sutton.

To view these three new spots, please see:

Joe Burke, Chief Creative Officer, MARC USA Chicago, said, “Bob and the folks at Hummingbird were brilliant partners in the development of the music for this campaign. They gave us so many options and different ways to come at it throughout the process, finally landing on the piece that wound up in the spots. As soon as we heard it, we knew it was perfect. It got in everyone’s head so quickly and stayed with us the whole time.”


For over 80 years, Krystal Restaurants has been one of the most popular and successful fast food chains in America. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company owns and operates 360 restaurants located across the Southeastern USA. Krystal’s Facebook page, featuring hundreds of loyal fans of the company’s legendary hamburgers, can be seen here:


Founded in Nashville, TN, in 1976 by Bob Farnsworth, Hummingbird Productions is one of the longest standing providers in the United States of original music for the advertising industry. While the company is perhaps best known for its music in such advertising campaigns as “Always Coca-Cola” and Wrigley’s “Double Double Your Refreshment,” Hummingbird’s composers also create original music for feature films/short films/documentaries, TV programs, soundtracks, web videos, radio commercials, video games, and more.

Touting the slogan “Hearing is Believing,” Hummingbird Productions has, over the last decade, evolved into a collective of talented writers, artists, and producers who collaborate on some of the best music consistently featured in major national advertising campaigns. The company is renown for its talent and collaboration with artists and producers including: Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Keith Thomas; Byron House, bass player for Robert Plant’s “Band of Joy”; Dennis Holt, session drummer on Taylor Swift’s “Beautiful Eyes” EP; Swan Dive vocalist Molly Felder, whose commercial credits include national advertisers Pepsi, Michelob, and Chevrolet; as well as many others.

Hummingbird Productions has been an acknowledged leader in the field of audio and sonic branding for 37 years. Company founder Bob Farnsworth, an established icon within the world of advertising music, has even appeared on “The Today Show,” discussing his company’s most memorable TV commercial tunes. To view this appearance, please see:

Hummingbird is the winner of dozens of Clio and Lions Awards, including the Clio Hall of Fame Award for the sound design on “Budweiser Frogs” – considered one of the Top Ten Best TV Commercials of all time. The company also offers music publishing, music licensing and music search services, all while actively working with artists from around the world.

Hummingbird Productions is located at 1521 Graybar, Nashville, TN, 37215. The phone is 615-385-3729 and the website is:

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