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Radio ads deploy comedy, song to advance restaurants’ “Wings, Beer, Sports” experience for football season

New York creative agency Oink Ink and advertising agency 22squared recently completed production on two national radio spots, “Where Would You Rather” and “Kid in a Candy Store,” for national sports bar and grill Buffalo Wild Wings®. Created for the 2011-2012 football season and airing nationally this month, these ambitious ads represent two energetic takes on the reasons to experience football season at Buffalo Wild Wings.

“Kid In a Candy Store” required the complete re-imagining of the classic tune “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The hilarious spot shows how an average afternoon at the office is turned upside down when two regular guys decide to go Tablegating™ at Buffalo Wild Wings. With the help of a wacky server, all their beer-downing, wing-eating, football-watching fantasies are fulfilled.

“Casting this spot was tricky,” said Dan Price, director, Oink Ink Radio. “We needed actors who sounded like regular, football-loving guys who knew comedy and could carry a tune, and we were pleased with the final results.”

In “Where Would You Rather,” another regular guy chooses the Buffalo Wild Wings® in-restaurant Tablegating™ experience over a day of game-watching in his living room. This spot also demonstrates Buffalo Wild Wings® is the place to be all football season long – or any time of the year – for wings, beer and sports.

With creative direction from 22squared, Oink sister studio Verbatim Studios cast the project from talent pools in both New York and Los Angeles. To create the instrumental arrangement, Oink enlisted composer Jeff Lodin, and Verbatim’s Conor Murphy recorded the vocals and mixed the track under the direction of Lodin and Oink’s Dan Price.

“Oink’s expertise makes them an ideal partner for radio advertising,” added Karen Walton, producer, 22squared. “In this instance, they were able to help us bring Buffalo Wild Wings’ Tablegating™ experience to life.”

You can listen to the “Kid In a Candy Store” spot here.