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old two also think that the square

old two also think that the square tries to draw together some the hotels take care of of, send vegetables for a few nearby hotels, but cans make some small businesses, the hotel wants of the upscale vegetableses are old two unable to do and also have no.Xiao sun originally incognizant old two, the old Mao has a sky evening to say to take him to have a meal to an acquaintance’s home, although the Xiao sun is lonesome and boring,did not strive for noodles with other people’s vegetable, went very and felt rudely thus.The old Mao makes every effort Cuan Duo and also mysteriously tells Xiao sun, livinging a few beautiful female kids in the hotel has been already gone, a looks that the flower permits a month of the female children of hotel, the Xiao sun moves for a while, several individuals multiply by night view, the fascination is very high to rush Mac EyeLiner Gel through to go, waits until just know, is postby:08bkyuchang two old, the eaves declines, the light is dusk, as for female kid, however one house bachelor.This just know last being of old Mao, the interest flavor is dull, very dull.To walk afraid be said light friend of heavy color of he or she, if don’t walk, again embarrassed.Is old two but passionate, the great MAC cosmetics Wholesale kindness ask Xiao sun to seat at table, the belly in several cup wine, each other falls into conversation to get along well and go to this with old two unexpectedly become don’t go against. The old Mao Shao is brave, the similar to the Xiao sun dozen starts to go together with vegetables, because together is livinging a hotel, 2 people early know.In the hotel, the Xiao sun is a person who sinks very deeply, and seem to be rich talent pressing, see the generosity of spirit of Xiao sun, the old Mao envies very much, once, cook was long to tell the old Mao Xun some kind of, said that the vegetables isn’t clean, lazy don’t do to live, and hair Xu get strange inside strange spirit.The notification column of the rest inside still has the Shao brave name.The life of hotel suppresses very much, there is individual doin.