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“I think the AWS is the most well-thought-out desk for mid-size studios available on the market.”

LONDON – Orgone Studios, a facility specialising in recording, mixing and mastering, was conceived from the desire for sonic perfection in all aspects of the production cycle. The studio is a step closer to achieving their ambition with the addition of a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Hybrid Console/Controller. Primarily working with bands signed to independent metal and avant-garde rock labels, the studio offers a space ideal for recording up to six musicians in the main room. The AWS delivers SSL’s sonic legacy and industry reputation to Orgone, enhancing sound quality, streamlining workflow and providing high-end name recognition for potential clients.

Jamie Gomez - Orgone Studios

“The goal of the studio has always been to provide the equipment and atmosphere to create great sounding records,” says Jaime Gomez Arellano, co-owner of Orgone Studios. “We are very interested in capturing the creative intent of our clients. Each band has its own sonic identity, and the AWS 948, through its crystal clean sound quality and it incredible dynamic range, allows us to work with different genres of music. We have very strict quality control, and the projects coming out of this studio, whether it’s a really raw metal record or a beautiful avant-garde rock album, benefit from the AWS sonic experience.”

Orgone was born in 2002 from a laptop and a dream, blossoming into Orgone Mastering in 2009. The mastering side quickly grew into Orgone Studios by 2010, as producing, recording and mixing were in demand by Orgone clients. The studio services bands who are part of Rise Above Records and clients from as far away as Norway. When searching for the best console for the new studio, the AWS stood out from the crowd.

“While we looked at other analogue consoles, including a vintage SSL 4000, the AWS 948 was really appealing in terms of how we make music,” continues Arellano. “It offers workflow, stereo channels, automation, Total Recall™, powerful DAW control, great EQ’s and dynamics all in a “compact” frame that allows me to be sitting in the sweet spot at all times. I think the AWS is the most well thought-out desk for mid-size studios available on the market. It is really obvious that a lot of thought has gone into it, and it carries on the SSL tradition.”

During the search for the perfect console, the other consideration was to go with a dedicated controller to run the Pro Tools® system, but sound and feel won the day for the AWS.

“A controller feels almost dead to me, like a glorified mouse,” concludes Arellano. “Controllers have no soul. An analogue desk has character and the workflow is literally more fun over a controller. The AWS is very clean and has a really clear, open sound with lots of punch. The AWS is a beautiful sounding desk with silly amounts of headroom, amazing EQs and dynamics and it’s an SSL. Having the AWS is good for the bottom line.”

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