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The Ostrich Pillow was created by Studio KG

The Ostrich Pillow  was created by Studio KG. It’s a massive pillow you can slide your head into to help you power nap in public places. There’s a breathing hole for your mouth and nose and two hand holes so you can sleep comfortably with your hands over your head.
I object to this “parody product” line. And in the video below, the pillow is sold as a convenient way to alleviate stress by power napping at work or on airplanes. That’s all bullshit!

I see the ostrich pillow sale as an all-round Reality Buster. Be honest. If you’re out there working, not working, paying for gasoline, attending class, figuring out when your student loans will paid off—never!— surfing the intertubes, applying for a job you know you won’t get or doesn’t exist, shopping at Home Depot, avoiding human contact by texting or twittering, watching Dancing With The Stars on TV—if you’re existing in America!—you probably yearn for something like the pillow a thousand times a day. I know I do! Or would — if I ever left the house.

Finally — a useful product! You come into contact with hundreds of things everyday that really, really suck.

Wouldn’t it be much, much better to be totally oblivious inside an Ostrich Pillow?