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Outline Introduces GTO-LOW Bass Extension Cabinet During AES 2011

Cabinet Designed to be Compatible with GTO Line Array Systems

NEW YORK, October 21, 2011 – Outline, the maker of high quality, industry leading speaker systems for touring, installation and studio applications, introduces its GTO-LOW bass extension cabinet during AES 2011. Designed as the dedicated bass extension cabinet for the GTO (Grand Touring Outline) Series line array speakers, GTO-LOW features the same dual 15-inch drive units, physical dimensions and rigging hardware as the standard GTO cabinet for easy transport, setup and maintenance. The cabinets deliver the extended bass response necessary to enhance the sound quality of the GTO Line Array.

“The GTO-LOW is a remarkable addition to the GTO Line Array family of speakers,” says Tom Bensen, senior vice president and managing director of Outline North America. “The reflex ports are in the same configuration as the main GTO cabinets, which preserve the low-frequency continuity of the array when the cabinets are combined. This allows combinations of GTO and GTO-LOW to be deployed in a wide variety of ways depending on the application, venue and available space. GTO-LOW and new GTO-DF cabinets make our best line array system even better.”

GTO-LOW modules have the same footprint and rigging hardware as GTO, so they can be easily incorporated within a GTO array to extend its overall height. Depending on the exact configuration of cabinets, inclusion of GTO-LOW cabinets within a GTO array provides enhanced low frequency directivity and extends the low frequency response of the array. Benefits include the removal of unwanted low frequencies on stage, much greater control over low frequencies in reverberant spaces and more precise overall system control in acoustically challenging venues.

While the GTO-LOW has the same external shape as GTO to facilitate easy storage, transport and inclusion within GTO/GTO-LOW combination systems, there are some significant internal differences. Because of its very high power handling and frequency response, the whole structure features extensive internal bracing and a single-piece front baffle to maintain structural integrity. Despite all this extra internal engineering, GTO-LOW still weighs only 72 kg (159 lb), including the rigging hardware, which uses Neodymium drivers that provide superior performance with lighter weight. This provides advantages in crew requirements, deployment, transportation and storage, enhancing the efficient use of the system in touring applications and providing real-world operational advantages to the user.

The GTO-LOW delivers a frequency response of (-10 dB) 28 Hz to 300 Hz or (±3 dB) 40 Hz to 225 Hz with power handling of 1,200 watts AES continuous and 4,800 watts peak. The frequency response of GTO-LOW is sufficiently flexible as it can be adjusted significantly through a range of values to suit various mid/high elements beyond standard GTO and can easily handle up to 200Hz. In standard mode, the frequency response of the GTO-LOW mirrors that of the low-frequency section of the GTO cabinet (50Hz to 100Hz), but the user may also choose to extend the range of the GTO-LOW cabinets down to 40Hz if the application requires. The maximum SPL at one meter for one cabinet is 131 dB continuous and 137 Db peak, with 143 dB continuous and 149 dB peak for a four cabinet array. Impedance is 2 x 8 Ohms.

About Outline
Outline S.r.l., based in Brescia, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers of both powered and un-powered configurations. Founded in 1973, the company has a rich history in the development of high quality loudspeaker systems, test and measurement systems, and holds numerous technology patents. With offices in Italy and the USA and over 50 distributors on five continents with more than 4000 venues and users to its credit, Outline has assumed its place among the leaders in the professional audio market.