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Outline Introduces New Advanced Technology Audio System Initiative at WFX 2011

DALLAS, November 9, 2011 – Outline, the maker of high quality, industry leading speaker systems for touring, installation and studio applications, is proud to announce its new Advanced Technology Audio System Initiative (ATASI) at WFX 2011 (Live Sound Compact Loudspeaker Demo – Hall D, Booth J). ATASI is centered on Outline’s advanced iMode technology, as expressed in the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. active line array system and iSM floor monitor systems. iMode technology embeds a Linux-based CPU — with integrated DSP chip, parameter control software, Web server and power amplifier — right into the speaker cabinets, thereby streamlining setup and control by eliminating the outboard gear between the console and power amplifier. These systems combine to offer the house of worship, educational institution, theatre or other small- to medium-sized venues exceptional sound quality, streamlined operation, and space efficiency as well as AC mains and HVAC savings.
“With the advent of iMode technology, both the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. and iSM speaker have been completely transformed from great-sounding, space-saving systems into advanced technology platforms,” says Tom Bensen, senior vice president and managing director of Outline North America. “Because of the power and control possibilities of iMode, installations like a house of worship will benefit through efficient use of system operators and engineers, the removal of side-of-stage amplifier racks and related heat- and power-draw issues, while offering the capability to shape and direct sound in any acoustic space. Outline’s ATASI has no match in the market and will deliver superior performance from installation to operation in any venue.”

The benefits of Outline’s ATASI are numerous, covering every aspect of a live sound installation. Through iMode, the audio signal, either analog or digital, travels directly to the cabinets, significantly reducing installation time and costs. As all system parameters can be addressed via any Web-enabled device, including iPad and iPad 2 through an Outline iPad app, an engineer, administrator or custodian can access system parameters from within the auditorium, an office or even from home, if necessary. An engineer can now stand on stage and tune the floor monitors by directly listening to them. The system is also tamper-proof, as everything the system needs to operate is enclosed within the speaker cabinets and is password protected.

Auditoriums present unique sonic challenges given the wide range of facilities ranging from sonically well engineered to overly bright, feedback-prone rooms. Because the Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. high-frequency section passes through Outline’s award-winning, patented COMpact Polar Adjustable Sound System integrated wave guides, this frequency spectrum can literally be aimed to cover the audience, minimizing reflections on the walls, thereby reducing feedback problems. The iSM floor monitors incorporate the patented folded wave guide with horn flare within the cabinet to provide tight and consistent control of the high frequency spectrum in both the horizontal and vertical planes, maximizing gain before feedback to help direct sound to the performer or lecturer. As the resulting audio quality is stunning, sermons, lectures and performances enjoy a high level of intelligibility, yielding better attention and retention from the audience or congregants.

“Everything about Outline’s Advanced Technology Audio System Initiative is of benefit to the end user,” continues Bensen. “With iMode, Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. and iSM, a house of worship, auditorium or theatre will have increased flexibility, ease of operation and maintenance while realizing savings on installation, reduced staff and running costs that, over time, begin to pay for the system. In this age of restricted budgets and green sensibilities, Outline’s ATASI delivers the right technology at the right time.”

About Outline
Outline S.r.l., based in Brescia, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers of both powered and un-powered configurations. Founded in 1973, the company has a rich history in the development of high quality loudspeaker systems, test and measurement systems, and holds numerous technology patents. With offices in Italy and the USA and over 50 distributors on five continents with more than 4000 venues and users to its credit, Outline has assumed its place among the leaders in the professional audio market.