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Outline Showcases New Subwoofer Speakers at InfoComm 2012

New Subs Round Out the Bottom End for Line Array and Traditional Systems

LAS VEGAS – Outline, the makers of high quality, industry leading speaker systems for touring, installation and studio applications, will showcase the new GTO-SUB, DBS 18-2 iMode, DBS 18-2 and EIDOS 108 S subwoofer loud speakers at InfoComm 2012 (Booth C11549). These systems are targeted for fixed installation, auditorium, outdoor venue and touring applications, offering excellent low frequency performance to augment the full line of Outline speaker systems.

“Audiences today demand increasingly better sound reproduction in everything from a major concert to a local theatre performance,” says Tom Bensen, senior vice-president and managing director of Outline North America. “The addition of our new subwoofer systems enhances the critical low end range of our different line array and traditional speaker systems, yielding a sound quality that is unsurpassed in quality, clarity and depth. With the new subs at work, stadium sound can now rival a critical listening environment in terms of accuracy and clarity, even at long distances, while the sound in a smaller venue is stunning.”

The GTO-SUB is a passive subwoofer specifically designed for the reproduction of the extreme low frequency spectrum of the flagship GTO (Grand Touring Outline) Line Array speaker series. The GTO-SUB is a dual 18-inch, long throw subwoofer enclosure using phase inversion type loading that allows it to deliver consistent performance at the highest levels, over many years. Power handling is 2×1200-Watts continuous and 2×4800-Watts peak and delivers up to 133 dB SPL continuous from a single cabinet. The GTO-SUB has a frequency response of 34 Hz to 107 Hz at +/-3 dB, with a useable frequency range of 28 Hz to 160 Hz at -10 dB. When used in conjunction with the GTO mainframe-bar, each element’s integral rigging allows up to 16 cabinets to be flown in standard applications. If required, a splay angle of 3-degrees can be selected via the integral rigging, thus allowing the overall shape of flown clusters to be adjusted according to the coverage requirements.

DBS 18-2 and DBS 18-2 iMode:
The DBS 18-2 addresses an increasing demand for accurate, high definition bass reproduction. The DBS 18-2 is a dual 18-inch decoupled baffle subwoofer enclosure using phase inversion type loading that allows it to deliver consistent performance at the highest levels over many years. The enclosure is tuned to a low frequency by way of a long port with a large surface area, yielding extended low end frequency response of 34 Hz to 107 Hz at +/-3 dB, with a useable frequency range of 28 Hz to 160 Hz at -10 dB. The DBS 18-2 is primarily intended for large-scale applications, although it is also ideally suited to projects that demand no-compromise audio quality. The max sensitivity is 103 dB in half space and the maximum continuous AES power of 2400-Watts yields 137 dB SPL in half space, while peak values can reach 143 dB SPL at 9600-Watts AES. The cabinet has 24 flying points that make vertical or horizontal hanging possible by using the appropriate accessories.

The DBS 18-2 iMode has the same dimensions, mechanical and electro-acoustic specifications, but features Outline’s proprietary iMode technology with integrated Class D amplifier delivering 3000-Watts EIAJ on an 8-ohm load. The iMode system offers a Linux-based CPU with an Outline-customized kernel, integrated DSP chip, parameter control software and Web server integrated into the cabinet and can be remotely controlled from an iPad®, iPhone® or any Internet capable device.

EIDOS 108 S:
The EIDOS 108S has been designed specifically to provide unobtrusive low-frequency reinforcement in locations where space is at a premium. The cabinet is equipped with an 8-inch long-stroke loudspeaker fitted with a dual magnet to yield a transducer capable of handling up to 1000-Watts AES (peak). Utilizing a dual-port bandpass design, the EIDOS 108S comfortably handles frequencies down to 36 Hz with a peak SPL of 126 dB from just a single 8-inch drive unit, making it ideal for providing localized low-frequency reinforcement for a distributed system. The cabinet is fitted with numerous M8 rigging points allowing it to be suspended if needed. With a cabinet size of 9.84-inches (25 cm) x 21.65-inches (55 cm) x 19.69-inches (50 cm), the EIDOS 108 S can be placed under seating or easily concealed within a structure or theatre set for maximum flexibility.

About Outline
Outline S.r.l., based in Brescia, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of high quality loudspeakers of both powered and un-powered configurations. Founded in 1973, the company has a rich history in the development of high quality loudspeaker systems, test and measurement systems, and holds numerous technology patents. With offices in Italy and the USA and over 50 distributors on five continents with more than 4000 venues and users to its credit, Outline has assumed its place among the leaders in the professional audio market.
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