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NEW YORK – The Oven Studios, a private recording studio owned by hit makers, R&B superstar Alicia Keys and record producer Kerry “Krucial� Brothers, is adding a second 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality console. Duality, which provides SSL’s legendary SuperAnalogue™ signal path and integrated DAW control, is proving to be a recipe for The Oven’s continued success. The console was used almost exclusively on Keys’ 2007 multi-platinum hit “As I Am.�

“We love our Duality so much that it motivated us to buy a second Duality,� says engineer Ann Mincieli, who has worked with Keys from her multi-platinum debut Songs in A Minor to the present. “The Duality has had a profound effect on our recording/mixing process, so much so that when we go on tour with Alicia, we are always looking for a Duality in other studios. The Duality is the console of choice.�

Designed to provide integrated control of a DAW, Duality offers a wealth of creative and sonic options that elevate informed engineering to a creative art. Duality offers both ‘E’ and ‘G’ Series equalizers and peak sensing or RMS/over-easy compression and both SuperAnalogue mic preamp and Variable Harmonic Drive™ (“VHD�) signal paths. The console delivers VCA style or moving fader automation and complete control over DAW parameters from the console. There are multiple stereo busses and 5.1 stems to make the best use of Duality’s 5.1 pan/positioning controls on each channel.

SSL Inc. President Phil Wagner states, “With over 80 Duality consoles in use worldwide, we are exceptionally pleased with both the console’s desirability in both commercial and private applications. We wish The Oven continued success with both Duality consoles.�

“The appeal of the Duality is that it’s a true dual-function desk,� Mincieli notes. “I love the fact that you get 48 channels of mic preamps and the classic SSL gates and compressors on every channel. As sound quality is what a studio is all about, the Duality delivers. I especially love the VHD distortion knob on every channel. Working with computers is the way creative recordings are made and Duality makes this process direct and controllable. I can focus on crafting sound without the distraction of breaking away to run a computer. This is why the Duality is our console of choice and why we wanted two.�

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