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Pacific Post Rolls Out Remote Sound and Picture Collaboration Solution Offers Secure, Cost Effective Platform for Robust Video Conferencing from Set to Post

Pacific Post, a full-service technology provider of editorial rentals and services, announces, a powerful remote collaboration platform. Originally built as an internal solution, Pacific Post has added features to make a robust live streaming solution. It is now available to the broader industry for $399 per month. replicates the cutting room environment by simplifying review and approval between editors, directors, producers, compositors, visual effects teams, music, and sound engineers. It also incorporates highly secure, low latency video conferencing and chat capabilities.

Users Embrace

Positive customer feedback has fueled the adoption of Studios, networks, and world-class production companies are taking advantage of the platform’s live editorial workflow on features and episodics.

“ offered us an effortless way to connect with our creative team spread across different locations,” notes editor Terilyn A. Shropshire, ACE (The Old Guard, When They See Us, Pt.1). “It was not technically challenging for our directors and producers to figure out and begin to use with our crew. We could review footage, get feedback, and do it all in real time. It has been a facilitator for listening, commenting and collaborating with the security that studios demand. I have found it to be an invaluable tool that works intuitively and seamlessly.”

“As soon as we were placed under stay-at-home orders, Pacific Post quickly answered our call for help, and has been amazing,” says Jon Dudkowski, editor on Star Trek: Discovery. “It doesn’t need a rack of gear and was easily set up on my AVID via a home internet connection. I was working remotely almost immediately, which was vital for finishing Season 3. alleviated my concerns about working virtually. It enables me to jump on a session with my director to review something quickly and efficiently. has changed how I will work going forward.”

How it works provides a centralized point of contact for project teams. At a competitive price point, the application allows creatives to live stream editing, spotting, ADR, and review sessions from anywhere in the world with full-screen, 1080p quality playback. A chat feature eliminates the need to log in to another application, unifying communications for everyone on the production.

To address content safety, comes with studio-level security with two-factor authentication. A watermarking option delivers another level of protection. Since is a private service, the live stream and video conferencing achieves sub-second latency.

A single license enables an unlimited number of viewers without incurring any additional costs. also can be tapped into a video village for instant collaboration from set as well as connected to the edit room, sound mixers, and VFX vendors for real-time remote sessions. The application integrates seamlessly with any Avid or Adobe system and supports the needs of any sized production.

To use, a Show Administrator invites team members into the portal as a Viewer and/or a Publisher. Publishers can create streams and add Viewers who only have access to streams to which they have been invited, ensuring the workflow is secure and controlled. Show teams can video conference with other crew members, chat or make notes. Streams support up to 50 video conference participants and an unlimited number of Viewers.

“We designed PacPost.Live to mimic the cutting room experience, including all those little moments in the office we’re missing out on while working from home,” says Raven Peterson, senior engineer, Pacific Post. “It uses open source software along with enterprise grade security and communication tools.”

The platform is compatible with Mac, PC, iPad OS and Android.

For more information, visit, or to schedule a demo of, click here.