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Emerson Loughman Palmer Releases Music Video for “You See Wonderful, You See Pretty”

Hollywood, CA, September 17, 2019 – Emerson Loughman Palmer – the LA-based power trio consisting of Mancunian rock provocateur Mark Loughman, guitarist Emerson Swinford [Rod Stewart, Liz Phair, Paul Oakenfield], and drummer David Palmer [Pet Shop Boys, ABC, Sting] – have just released an animated music video for “You See Wonderful, You See Pretty”, the third single off their latest EP Be Empirical. The song and video showcase Loughman’s continued knack for pairing catchy guitar hooks with a fiercely independent worldview and a sharp lyrical sense that is tuned-in directly to the pulse of world affairs.

“You See Wonderful, You See Pretty” is a carefully honed piece of Emerson Loughman Palmer in miniature; presenting the band’s signature mix of driving modern guitar rock with Loughman’s world-weary vocals. The song starts with an arena-friendly guitar and drum hook that recalls classic LA powerpop, before launching into a driving backbeat that propels it forward on the road to truth. Loughman’s lyrics tell a tale of rose-colored glasses in reverse, with the song’s protagonist desperately trying to break through the background noise of modern life to reach those around him.

“Some people can’t accept that there’s more to know about the world then what they hear from politicians and cable news,” Loughman said of the song. “There’s no shame in not knowing, it just means you haven’t received the pertinent information yet.” The animated video explores these concepts with a wink of self-awareness, Loughman appearing as a shadowy figure of truth only to be humorously ignored by the various characters he encounters over the course of the video.

The song was produced by Loughman and engineered by Simon Phillips [The Orb, Mike Oldfield], and is available now on the band’s Be Emperical EP from Lonman records on both CD and vinyl.

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