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Pamela Lillard Records with Dave Reitzas at Ocean Way

“Lil’s Blues Revue” Pays Tribute to Chicago Greats

Pictured (L-R) in Ocean Way Studio A are Randy Chance, guitar; Wesley Seidman, assistant engineer; Dave Reitzas, producer/engineer; Pamela Lillard, recording artist; Tony Braunagel, drummer; Bob Glaub, bass. Photo by David Goggin.

Respected singer/songwriter Pamela Lillard has recorded new material at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood for her third project with Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Dave Reitzas.

“Lill’s Blues Revue” is an homage to the Blues, celebrating Jimmy Reed, Little Walter, Magic Sam, Mississippi John Hurt, Huddie Ledbetter, and other legends. With roots in the Delta Blues, Lillard, was joined by guitarist Randy Chance, drummer Tony Braunagel and bassist Bob Glaub in a striking new celebration of the Blues.

Influenced by everyone from Ma Rainey to Bonnie Raitt, Lillard began performing at Kingston Mines in Chicago when she was 20. Raised in Ohio, Lillard’s guitar work, percussive and rhythmically idiosyncratic, began in one of Chicago’s best-known Blues clubs. ” I’d been playing for about five years before I started going to Kingston Mines,” she explains. ” I went down there for open mic night and sang the blues. After a couple of times they asked me to be in the house band.” Barely out of her teens, she found herself jamming with Howling Wolf’s sidemen.

In 1991, Lillard moved to L.A. and began working with the musicians who would join her in the group Ruby, which later transformed into Pearl & The Rhythm Method. When asked for a description of her music, Lillard calls the style “blues alternative, or acoustic groove music.”

“It certainly was a thrill to record at Ocean Way,” Lillard remarks. “You just have to marvel at the amount of talent that has been recorded in these rooms, and it is an inspiration for me to work there with Dave. On this third project together, I am still in awe of his ability to bring out the best in me and the incredible musicians I have the honor of working with.”

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