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Paragon Studios Remixes Independent Film House Of Numbers For Nashville Film Festival

FRANKLIN, TN — Paragon Studios, an industry leader in audio, broadcast and film post-production, has completed remixing the HIV/AIDS documentary House of Numbers. Scheduled to premiere at the Nashville Film Festival on April 19th, with another showing on April 23rd, House of Numbers is an 87-minute independent documentary by first-time filmmaker Brent Leung.

“After we completed the filming and brought the documentary back home to Nashville, we were looking to do some voiceover work,” says Leung. “Someone had recommended Paragon Studios to us and once we went and checked it out, we thought the studio was fantastic. It is a world-class facility like something you would expect to see in New York or California and we were pleasantly surprised to find it in our own backyard.”

“When the producers of the film, Brent Leung and Ursula Rowan, first came to us it was for a few lines of ADR and some voiceover work for their documentary,” says Fred Paragano, re-recording mixer and owner of Paragon Studios. “Later on, as they were finishing up the film, they approached us about remixing the rest of the sound. We had a tight turnaround time on this project and I am glad that we were able to complete the film in time for the Nashville Film Festival. Brent and Ursula were very happy with the final result.”

With House of Numbers filmed over a two year period, spanning nine countries on five continents, it presented some unique challenges to Paragon Studios. “The biggest challenge on this project was the extensive amount of cleanup required on the original production dialogue tracks,” says Paragano. “Brent and his crew filmed in many locations around the world, and our job was to bring some consistency to the dialogue as a whole. While we maintained a lot of the music and sound effects work that was done prior to our involvement, we reconformed to new picture changes, cleaned it up and completely reworked the dialogue track.”

For this project, Paragon utilized its SSL C300 mixing console along with Pro Tools. The project was mixed in 5.1 stereo and although the project will go to DVD, a theatrical print was provided for the playback.

“We enjoyed working with Fred and the professionals at Paragon Studios,” says Leung. “Fred understood that this was truly an independent film with a modest budget and worked with us to help finish it in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

“This documentary really demonstrates Paragon Studios’ versatility as a full-service post production facility,” says Paragano. “From major motion pictures to independent films and documentaries, our full service facility is equipped to work on projects of differing sizes and budgets.”

Scheduled to debut at the Nashville Film Festival on April 19th, House of Numbers has already generated quite a buzz, and the premiere has already been sold out.