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Paris, 30 million in Europe he does not go

Villa moments to be found! “Barcelona prior to when the game against Granada, the Catalan media have played this title,” Gourd Doll “has completed each and every steps needed rehabilitation, now he left the starting line This, Granada, looks like it’s a perfect time for them to get Villa starting. The campaign, Villa really have an opportunity of starting, however, 311 days as soon as the re-starting belonging to the Villa, it is not necessarily the optimal situation suffered, his performance unsatisfactory game, Villa with Messi outbreak of a violent quarrel. Following a game men and women really don’t understand that Villa had what offensive threat, you need to his dispute with Massey.
Small news conference Thursday, testified that although he was Arsenal captain kicked nine great deal football now however expecting be prepared to use on two of the complete game. Wistful as the player, always playing that sense, the Villa of this first full extreme desire is understandable, after Villa on slightly grumbling, said: “In other teams, I already use on the ball, Jersey-4060-p-388.html however in the Barcelona, ??I needed to carry it. “
Villa sense of self has been fully recovered. He recovered feeling back to normal, has always been looking to try. After his comeback, Villa one hand that they will could be bit by bit, but on the flip side, attractive feels in the slightest degree start to play. Of the Royal Society of game after his injury debut, played 16 minutes and scored goal. A subsequent game, attractive played 16 minutes for Osasuna. Getafe, he played 14 minutes and scored an aim. Champions League game against Spartak Moscow, his debut through the team need time, and played 16 minutes.
Vilanova admitted that Villa have kicked sudden expenses of one’s game, of Granada, Villa often is the first, and may also function as wife or husband of play. Previously, the club continues to be interested in Villa, nowadays, he has got experienced the league made two goals, body pain, feeling good, is starting. Say, Granada, Barcelona can be described as home game, the timing is very Custom Women’s NFL Nike Jerseys good. Vilanova really gave Villa starting opportunities, this is often his since December 15 2009, the Club World Cup, Al Sadd game, responsible for component Barcelona starting precisely where game, and entered The long sidelined period.
The Villa last in La Liga starting and in the November 29, 2011, if the opponents of Barcelona Rayo Vallecano, Barcelona 4 to 0 victory, he scored the last goal, however, to generate in to the starting position Villa, campaign performance is absolutely not satisfactory, he will be scarce the chance to score the 40th minute, Villa then shot during the restricted area to the left was blocked. Businesses, he suffered a not pass Macy’s rebuke. Right after the start the other half field Vilanova replaced. Villa only against Granada once from the team he wasn’t capable of score. Right after the match, Barcelona fans called Villa of 5.4 points, the participants belonging to the the Barcelona team scores lowest, poor performance, together with Macy tension between cast a shadow covering the prospects from the Barcelona to Villa.
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