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Parsons Audio d&b flag flies high with V-Series at Lynn Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium.



ASHEVILLE, NC (5.23.22)—As part of the revitalization of the downtown Lynn area, the Lynn Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium is once again one of the premier entertainment venues in Massachusetts. Thanks to the installation efforts of Parsons Audio LLC of Wellesley, the theater had a recent renovation that included the installation of a d&b V-Series loudspeaker system. The venue is known for its great seating, unobstructed views from any vantage point and within the 2,000-seat area consisting of floor, mezzanine, and balcony seating. Many musical acts have been hosted at Lynn Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, from artists like Jason Bonham, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, to medium Tyler Henry and more.

“We chose the d&b V-Series high performance three-way passive array system because the venue has had touring groups come through before that have used it, and they’ve performed really well,” states Morgan Chasse, VP of Marketing, Parsons Audio. “The V-Series is rider-friendly, and we also chose to use SL-SUBs for their compact power, since we could hang just two boxes in the center and have plenty of low frequency energy for the room. So far, the system has received compliments from the acts who have used it for how great it sounds.” The V-Series comprises both line array and point source systems for medium to large scale sound reinforcement applications, with complete efficiency and broadband directivity control to low frequencies.

The system consists of 8 x V8s and 2x V12s on each array as well as two high-performance cardioid SL-SUBs. Throughout the venue, there are six d&b 10S-D point source loudspeakers under the balcony acting as delays/fills, and four d&b Ti10P speakers as the front fills on stage. “All three arrays have d&b’s ArraySight lasers on board, that enables us to monitor temperature, humidity, and array angle, to calibrate the arrays as accurately as possible,” Chasse said. “The system is monitored and controlled from a laptop running d&b’s R1 software.” ArrayCalc was used for designing the system with d&b audiotechnik’s Drew Levy assisting in the design.

“The system has been installed now for a few months and we have heard nothing but positive feedback from ticketholders, tour mangers, and in fact, artists themselves,” states James Marsh, Executive Director, Lynn Memorial Veteran’s Auditorium. “From a local spelling bee, to Pitbull, and everything in between, the d&b V-Series installation by Parsons Audio is not only proving to be an amazing system but is paying dividends by showcasing our sound capabilities here at the Lynn Auditorium.  It will surely keep customers, renters, and A-list artists coming back for more.”

Chasse said the main arrays and subs are rigged using a collection of CM Lodestar electric hoists, with an installed 8-channel hoist control system from Motion Labs that can be controlled from the stage. “As a part of this system, we also installed three hoists to be used for hanging a lighting truss over the pit. The d&b subwoofer array is also using a PY1-MZB-SR5 motor ZBeam and an SFA-16-1100 tilt adapter from Polar Focus, which allows us to use a single hoist for the array, but without allowing it to spin. These parts were also required to hang the sub array in the center of the proscenium, since the structural steel in the ceiling didn’t allow for the hoist configuration we used for the main arrays.” In addition to the d&b loudspeaker systems, a combination of d&b’s 30D and D80 amplifiers have also been installed.

“Being able to use R1 for system monitoring and control is definitely a plus,” states Zachary Lacroix, CTS System Technician, Parsons Audio. “The amplifiers’ built-in processing capability meant that we could minimize the amount of other equipment in the rack, and handle system control from the laptop from wherever it’s convenient, whether that’s on stage or at front of house.”

Parsons also installed a Midas M32 LIVE console with a DL32 stage box. The microphone system consists of a Shure ULXD4D receiver and two ULXD2 handheld transmitters included in the rack (by Middle Atlantic), as well as a Pakedge SE-8P4 network switch. Custom plates were installed in the attic, on both sides of the stage, and at front of house. They were built by Entertainment Manufacturing Group (EMG) and allow for patching into the system, as well as including a mix of data, audio, video, and DMX tie lines between the various locations.

“Parsons Audio was an amazing partner in the installation of our new d&b V-Series line array,” says Marsh. From start to finish, their team of professionals performed above and beyond our expectations. They were responsive, thorough, and even today are available to us at a moment’s notice to assist with any questions we have. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone seeking a high-quality team for installation of high-quality sound equipment.”

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