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Top Manufacturer and Equipment Provider Adds Mic to Equipment Roster

LONDON, JUNE 11, 2009 — PEC, a leading product supplier to the UK’s film and video industry, is now offering Holophone’s surround microphones as part of its equipment roster.

Located in London’s Soho district, the heart of the UK’s motion picture industry, PEC has over 70 years experience in the production market, is seen as an early adopter of new technologies and known for predicting emerging market trends. The company recently held a two-day demo session for industry professionals with Holophone, in conjunction with Sony and JVC, in London. After seeing the favorable customer response to the company’s products, PEC decided to stock Holophone’s H4 SuperMINI camera mountable surround microphone as part of its rental equipment offerings. Other microphones in the Holophone line (H2-PRO, H3-D, and PortaMic 5.1) will be available upon request.

“PEC has identified an increased interest in surround sound recording in the area of the market where they’re working with budgets considerably smaller than those typically found on large Hollywood blockbusters,� says Derek Morgan, managing director of PEC. “With the introduction of Holophone products to its portfolio, PEC can now offer its customers access to this technology sooner. Also, Holophone’s microphones have a low learning curve so it’s an easy introduction into recording surround. �

“We feel that PEC carrying the H4 SuperMINI is a big step toward Holophone’s continued growth in the film market,� says Jonathan Godfrey, CEO of Holophone. “Surround Sound has been a film staple for many years but was always just a little out of reach for smaller projects due to cost. Having a top supplier to the film and video market carrying our mics will ensure that surround sound is accessible to all members of the film and video industry in the UK regardless of budget.�

As the world’s first camera-mountable surround microphone, the H4 SuperMINI has quickly become an industry standard. Utilizing a patented design, the mic contains six mic elements arranged to coincide with the typical speaker setup found in a studio or home theater. The unique structure and configuration of the mic elements allows the H4 SuperMINI to effortlessly capture, from a single point, an accurate and immersive 3D audio recording. To deliver surround sound within today’s stereo and discrete multi-channel infrastructure, the H4 SuperMINI also comes equipped with an integrated multi-channel pre-amplifier, monitor, and Dolby Pro Logic II encoder. This allows the mic’s six channels to be decoded down to two so that they can be recorded to any broadcast camera or stereo recording device.

To contact PEC regarding equipment rental, please visit or call,
+44 (0) 20 74374633. For more information on Holophone’s products, visit the company’s website,

About Holophone
Holophone is committed to developing and commercializing products that use patented 3-D audio technology to bring the physical experience of “really being there� to a new level for all audio and visual productions by professionals and hobbyists. Holophone provides customers and business partners with industry-leading product and service quality. Holophone is firmly dedicated to providing outstanding value, excellence in service, and product performance.

Holophone® surround-sound microphones are patented audio recording devices designed specifically to address the challenges audio professionals face in capturing, recording and broadcasting multi-channel surround sound. Developed by Rising Sun Productions in Toronto, Canada, Holophone systems effortlessly capture discrete signals that are ultra-realistic and provide the most accurate spatiality, audio imaging, and directionality of any recording device. Entirely compatible with all audio mixing, encoding, and playback systems, Holophone also enhances mono and stereo mixes. Holophone systems provide the perfect front end for all professional and consumer audio applications including HDTV broadcasting, standard broadcasting of live sporting and music events, feature film location recording, and studio recording for music, films, and worship applications. Holophone surround sound technology has been used for numerous national and international broadcasts, including the Grammy Awards and NFL Super Bowl. As a scalable system, Holophone technology is also available for license to the consumer electronics industry.