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Penteo 4 Pro Demonstrations at AES Avid Booth 1201

Award Winning Stereo-to-Surround Up-mixer

Award-winning Penteo 4 Pro will be demonstrated on the Avid S6 pro mixing pod at Avid’s Booth #1201 at AES, October 10 – 12. Penteo 4 Pro discretely converts stereo to 5.1, offering exacting control over sound image placement to create high-quality, natural-sounding surround. Penteo has won the 2014 Editor’s Choice award by Pro-Tools Experts and has been nominated as one of 2014’s plug-in of the year by Resolution Magazine.

Now in use in 22 countries and by major studios and independent mixers, Penteo has been featured in several of this year’s blockbusters including the recently released “The Equalizer.”

“Since Penteo 4 Pro natively supports Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) for true 64 bit processing”, said Jeffrey Read, President of Penteo Surround. “Our customers now can support over 50% more Penteo instances in ProTools 11 – great for complex surround sound design mixes.”

Penteo 4 Pro adds zero unwanted sonic effects to an up-mix, and is 100-percent ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo. The plug-in features an intuitive visual interface modeled after vintage gear, and offers six automated preset modes as well as advanced manual controls for fine-tuning.

To set up a Penteo demo at AES, please email: [email protected]

About Penteo
Developed by Audiotech Digital Limited (ADL), Penteo transforms any stereo recording, soundtrack, DJ mix or live television broadcast into perfect 5.1 surround sound. Penteo 4 Pro is the optimum sounding stereo-to-surround up-mixer, remaining faithful to the original stereo mix; no artificial sound manipulation is used. The Penteo 4 Pro plug-in creates a perfect surround experience for all stereo media with zero sonic artifacts, the most crisp and discrete center-channel available, and only Penteo is 100% ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo. Penteo has been used by major studios on hundreds of films, TV shows and music recordings and supports AAX64, RTAS, VST and AU formats.
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