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Pete Townshend Records at Detroit’s 45 Factory

Pete Townshend, co-founder of The Who, recently dropped in at 45 Studio while on tour in Detroit.

New Acoustic Project for Who Co-Founder

Pictured at 45 Factory are Pete Townshend and 45 Factory owner/chief engineer Ryan McGuire.

Pete Townshend, co-founder of The Who, recently dropped in at 45 Studio while on tour in Detroit. A longtime Vintage King Audio client, Townshend recorded analog at Ryan McGuire’s 45 Factory studio, a showcase of vintage gear for recording purists.

“I was thrilled that Pete decided to record with us while he was in town,” remarked Ryan McGuire, owner/chief engineer. “We’ve gone to great lengths to create a World Class studio in the tradition of the best 1960’s facilities and I think that resonated with Pete.”

The 45 Factory is a vintage inspired, yet fully modernized recording studio located 20 Miles North of Detroit in Waterford, MI.  McGuire’s focus is on vintage analog equipment alongside digital audio gear of the highest quality. “We’re passionate about providing the environment and equipment needed to inspire the most musical and creative performances possible from the musicians,” added McGuire.  45 Studio services include full band recording, mixing and mastering.

Townshend was tracking a new song for an upcoming acoustic project. No digital devices were used in the recording, only analog equipment mixed down to a tube 1/4″ tape machine from 1956. “The recordings turned out fantastic,” said McGuire. “Pete is a true icon and his artistry is second to none. On top of that, he’s a genuinely good guy and a pleasure to be around.”

“I had a great direct-to-tape session at the 45 Factory. Wonderful sound, the way it always used to be for me, and very close to the sound I get in my own ‘vintage’ studio. But at the 45 Factory most things are new, or fully restored to new condition and unlike my home studio nothing breaks down, everything works beautifully. I had a fantastic time recording a new song on an old Ampex stereo tape machine. I’m so pleased to have been one of the first clients. Some great music is going to come out of 45.” stated Pete Townshend.

When McGuire isn’t recording rock icons at his studio, he is the Director of Business Development at Vintage King Audio, which is headquartered just outside of Detroit.

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