PhantomFocus™ Meets JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors at The News Room

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– Award-winning studio The News Room upgrades its PhantomFocus™ System with JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors– – Once a studio implements a PhantomFocus™ System they are not locked into a particular monitor and are free to make changes as needs or preferences arise –

Nashville, TN: Award-winning news media composer Tom Snider has upgraded his monitors at The News Room, a state-of-the-art Nashville facility employing the Carl Tatz Design (CTD) TEC Award-winning PhantomFocus MixRoom™ concept. Desiring a larger monitor that could provide more continuous high SPLs, Snider choose the new JBL M2 Master Reference Monitors to replace his smaller near-field system. This is among the latest CTD facilities to upgrade components without having to re-implement the whole system – a unique and convenient characteristic of PhantomFocus™ Systems (PFS) that allows studios to make changes as needs or preferences arise. Although still essentially a near-field setup, the benefits are far reaching. Snider's previous PhantomFocus near-field system was very impressive and could play very loud, but considering the instrumental, high-impact type of music he composes for TV, he wanted to be able to crank the system continuously for inspiration without ear fatigue – something both Snider and Tatz knew could be achieved with the JBL M2's dual-diaphragm/dual-voice coil compression driver. Snider comments, “My original PFS with the smaller near-fields was stunning, but comparatively, the window of sound that the Larger JBL M2s offer in my PhantomFocus System is the sonic equivalent of going from a 15-inch laptop to a 10-foot front projection screen – essentially you're at The Show." Snider continues, "Hearing reverb on this system is a revelation – spatial dimension and clarity that leaves me breathless with power to burn. Paired with the CTD PFS, the bass is extremely tight and huge and a true inspiration. Be sure you’re comfortable before you hit play because once the music starts, you won’t want to stop listening for a very long time.” Carl Tatz, studio designer and creator of the PhantomFocus System, remarks, “It was a seamless transition from Tom's previous system to the M2s as we were able to utilize the PFS Processor's AES outputs to digitally drive the Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD amp/processor that we chose to power the monitors because of its AES input capability.” Photo Caption: Pictured L-R: Composer and News Room owner Tom Snider and Carl Tatz, TEC award-winning studio designer and creator of the PhantomFocus MixRoom™