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South Beach Miami, FL – June 2010… Showcasing all that Miami has to offer—from accommodations and dining to attractions, shopping, and a vibrant nightlife, South Beach has it all, including the new Pinkroom. With its unparalleled luxury, attention to fashionable detail, and a keen focus on the sound and light experience, Pinkroom is one of the region’s hottest nightclub destinations. Entertainment is a key element of the venue, and to ensure robust sound—be it a DJ or a live band—Pinkroom management insisted that the room be outfitted with a versatile sound system capable of delivering excellent music reproduction with plenty of power. They found exactly what they were looking for, and it came from the catalog of D.A.S. Audio.

Miami-based Paradise Production Services, a design/build firm with a focus on commercial installations such as nightclubs, restaurants, and concert venues, was contracted to handle Pinkroom’s sound system design and installation. Carlos Henao, the firm’s owner, was tasked with all aspects of the sound reinforcement system project. He discussed his reasons for selecting D.A.S. Audio’s Variant and Aero Series 2 loudspeaker systems.

“Pinkroom is brand new,� states Henao, “and the sound system’s ability to blend inconspicuously with the room’s décor was every bit as important as its ability to deliver superior audio quality. The main nightclub area measures roughly 50 feet long by 40 feet wide with a ceiling height of 15 feet. Entertainment is primarily DJ focused, but live music performance is planned for special occasions. These conditions led us to deploy line array technology, but we wanted the system to have relatively compact dimensions so as to be as unobtrusive as possible. D.A.S. Audio’s Variant Installation Line Array products were the perfect match.�

With the system specified and approved by Pinkroom management, Henao and his crew proceeded to install a combination of ten D.A.S. Audio Variant 112A powered line arrays and six D.A.S. LX-218A powered subwoofers throughout the main nightclub area, with another six Variant 25A powered mid-high array elements in the VIP areas and front entrance. As the stage area faces into the length of the main room, the Paradise installation team flew four loudspeaker clusters—two each at opposing ends—in an X fashioned (opposing left-right) stereo configuration. The two clusters at the stage each have three Variant 112A’s while the two clusters at the far end of the room each have two Variant 112A’s. Four LX-218A subwoofers reside in a specially designed area beneath the stage while the far ends of the stage area each have a single LX-218A placed into recessed cubicles.

The Pinkroom’s VIP areas are outfitted with five D.A.S. Audio Variant 25A loudspeakers—ceiling mounted using U-brackets—with a sixth Variant 25A located at the front entrance, over the owner’s table. These sections receive the same music feed as the main area. “Like many of the nightclubs on South Beach, “Henao explained, “Pinkroom is a rather intimate type of environment. Management wanted good, solid SPL levels throughout the facility, but not so loud that it interfered with the ability to communicate with the people right around you. The D.A.S. Variant Series products are specifically designed for the install market and, as such, are very well suited for use in this type of venue. Music reproduction capability is excellent and the system gets plenty loud—with headroom to spare. Furthermore, this entire sound system is self-powered, so we didn’t have the burden of finding space to house any power amps. When space is at a premium, this is a very important consideration.�

Carlos Garcia, one of Pinkroom’s owners, offered his assessment of the new D.A.S. Audio sound system. “We couldn’t be happier,� states Garcia. “Since our grand opening in May, we’ve received scores of compliments on the sound from our customers and I’m particularly pleased with the system’s ability to blend into the décor of the room. The loudspeakers aren’t the least bit intrusive and the volume levels are just right. There’s plenty of sound to fill the room, but not so loud that you find yourself shouting in order to be heard. Paradise Productions has been very responsive to our concerns and, as we expand our operations, I have every intention of having them design the sound system for our next location, which means we’ll be using D.A.S. again.�

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