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Pop Fave “Mantus” Returns After 40 Years

The mighty "Mantus," once pinned as New York's favorite disco era band, has returned to the studio and stage with a mirrorball of new pop masterpieces.

825 Records Studio in Brooklyn Witnesses Rebirth of Dance Chart Toppers

Pictured (L-R) are John Kaz, Billy Amendola,
Frank “Deac” DeCrescenzo, and Jimmy Maer.

The mighty “Mantus,” once pinned as New York’s favorite disco era band, has returned to the studio and stage with a mirrorball of new pop masterpieces. Helmed by Matty Amendola, 825 Records owner and son of the drummer Billy Amendola, the men from Mantus are back in style.

In 1977, singer Frank “Deac” DeCrescenzo, bassist John Kaz, drummer Billy Amendola, and guitarist Jimmy Maer hit the NYC scene as young twenty-somethings, forging what would eventually become classic rock. By 1979, the band’s single “Dance It Freestyle” and their transformative sound grabbed top chart spots. Their follow-up album “Midnight Energy” and single “Rock It to The Top” became a favorite at radio stations, clubs, and DJ’s worldwide, hitting the top 10 in Billboard and international dance charts.

“This is a band in their purest form for the first time in 40 years,” says the young Amendola, whose shrewd business eye and fluid creativity are backed up by the band’s long-term relationship with 825’s Grammy-winning chief engineer Butch Jones (Madonna, Talking Heads, B52’s).

To achieve the distinctive reinvented sound of Mantus, Amendola draws on 825 Records studio’s sizeable instrument inventory (Gretsch drums, LP percussion, and Fodera guitars, etc.) and a technology arsenal that includes the classic SSL super-analog sound with prized Telefunken mics alongside racks and racks of modern and vintage outboard gear.

“Matty and his team are tapped into the pulse of today’s music industry,” says lead singer DeCrescenzo. “He’s an old soul in a younger man’s jumpsuit.” Aside from producing, Amendola has found his own success over the past ten years as an artist development and Indie pop specialist. For the Mantus project he also lends a hand on songwriting and lead guitar. The result is a well-hammered sound forged in the past with an iron in today’s fiery musical landscape.  

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About 825 Records
825 Records, Inc. is a new-school music incubator with old school perspective. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the studio/production company hybrid has allowed founder Matty Amendola to become one of today’s most respected hands-on producer, songwriter and artist development specialists. The studio is loaded with top recording gear and his personal collection of drums, amps, mics, and guitars. An added photography/video suite with built in lighting and backdrops is available. Also onsite is a kitchen/dining room and comfortable boutique hotel accommodations.