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Michael Lavoie with his D.A.S. inventory.

Worchester, MA – June 2011… If you’re in Worchester and Mediterranean cuisine is on your culinary ‘must-have’ list, Byblos Lounge and Ritual are the places to be. These two new establishments offer food and beverage that are the talk of the town—and they serve it in an upscale atmosphere where the music plays through state-of-the-art sound reinforcement systems designed around products from D.A.S. Audio.

Worchester, MA-based Powerhouse Sound & Lighting, which specializes in custom sound and entertainment lighting for both the commercial and residential installation markets in addition to their production services for special events, was contracted to design and install the sound reinforcement systems at both properties. Michael Lavoie, the firm’s owner, consultant, and systems designer, selected loudspeakers that drew heavily from D.A.S. Audio’s Avant and Arco lines. He discussed the nature of each project.

“Opened this past New Year’s Eve, Byblos Lounge is an upscale nightspot specializing in Mediterranean fusion cuisine,� Lavoie reports. “The establishment uses background music during the early part of the week and, then on weekends, offers live music entertainment with a Middle Eastern slant. For this venue, we deployed fourteen D.A.S. Arco 24T enclosures with multi-tap transformers that downfire over the main lounge area and are spaced roughly ten feet apart. This distributed system is driven by a D.A.S. Audio CSA-600T power amplifier that takes its signal from a 16-channel Mackie audio mixer interconnected with a variety of signal processing equipment. Low frequency support is provided by two D.A.S. Arco 12 subwoofers which use the company’s new 122S dual coil, 12-inch transducer for bass reproduction. These two enclosures are flown in central locations over the lounge and are powered by a Yamaha P3500S power amp.�

“At the stage area, we also placed two D.A.S. Avant 12A 2-way powered loudspeakers—one each, mounted to the pillars at the sides of the stage,� Lavoie continued. “These loudspeakers serve as the mains for the musicians or DJ.�

At Ritual, which also serves Mediterranean cuisine and just opened this spring, D.A.S. Arco loudspeakers—augmented by the company’s CL-6 ceiling speakers—were chosen for the house sound system. “During the week, the sound system supports various playback options,� Lavoie said. “These include sound for the TV systems as well as an iPod for their own internal music programming. On weekends, the system supports a DJ booth or a single musician/entertainer.�

“Here, we used eight Arco 24T enclosures,� Lavoie explained. “The loudspeakers are positioned on an outside wall and are angled down, pointing toward center of room. For the restrooms, we placed a D.A.S. CL-6 ceiling speaker in each area. A Rane RPM 44 multiprocessor handles loudspeaker management while a D.A.S. Audio CSA-600T power amplifier drives the distributed system. Two D.A.S. Arco 12 subwoofers handle the low frequency. These enclosures are flown on an outer wall and are positioned to project over the lounge. A Yamaha P3500S power amplifier drives the subwoofers.�

Lavoie explained his preferences for D.A.S. Audio equipment, “D.A.S. provides our company a 1-stop shop for all our loudspeaker requirements. The company offers us every scale and can support us with every project from small home theater systems to large venues for production work. When I first heard D.A.S. Audio’s products, I said to friends and colleagues, ‘It’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about a loudspeaker.’ I couldn’t believe the quality and power of the audio that came from my first demo of the company’s Aero line arrays during LDI 2009. Since then, I’ve blown away many club owners and DJ’s with D.A.S. products.�

Customer service also played a significant role in Lavoie’s decision to utilize D.A.S. Audio equipment. “They’ve been nothing short of wonderful to deal with,� he said. “Equipment is delivered in timely fashion, the company’s billing is as agreed upon, and their support has been extremely responsive. I feel like we have the true backing of a manufacturer when we sell and install D.A.S. products.�

Before turning his attention to the business of the day, Lavoie offered this parting comment, “Both systems have performed with perfection and without failure. Everyone who hears, plays, or performs through these systems has gone out of their way to compliment both Powerhouse and our clients on the systems’ quality. We constantly get feedback after a D.A.S. installation and we hear one consistent remark, ‘This is the best sound system I’ve ever heard or played on.’ At Powerhouse, we feel as though we have a huge leg up on our competition because of the superior quality we can offer using D.A.S. equipment. We truly believe we are selling the best products available.�

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