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PreSonus® Commercial Division Loudspeakers Keep the Action Upbeat at NFL Pre-Game Party

Nashville, TN – March 2018… For the NFL football game between the Tennessee Titans and the Baltimore Ravens on November 5, BMORE Events (the Baltimore Ravens fan club) held a pre-game party on November 4th to get Ravens fans pumped up to cheer their team to victory. Held at Loser’s Bar & Grill, one of Nashville’s better known no-frills live music venues, fans were entertained by country-pop duo LoCash—featuring Chris Lucas and Preston Brust. To ensure the best possible music reproduction quality for the event, loudspeakers from the ULT and WorxAudio catalogs of Baton Rouge, LA-based PreSonus Audio Electronics ( were deployed.

Hugh Bennett Productions of Nashville, a well-known full-service production company that handles sound, staging, and lighting, was contracted to coordinate sound reinforcement for the event. Company owner Hugh Bennett discussed the project and his reasons for using PreSonus’ ULT and WorxAudio loudspeakers.

“The pre-game party for Baltimore Ravens fans was a really fun, lively gig,” Bennett reports. “For this project, we flew 12 PreSonus WorxAudio V5 ultra-compact line arrays—6 elements each for the left and right hangs. Four WorxAudio PXD 8080 power amps drove the V5 enclosures. The V5 line arrays were accompanied by 4 sub bass enclosures consisting of 2 PreSonus ULT18 active subwoofers and 2 PreSonus WorxAudio TL2188SS high SPL extended bass subs. Looking at the stage from the audience perspective, the four enclosures were placed across the front under the stage and were positioned with the TL218SS enclosures on the outside and the two ULT18 subs in-between them.”

Rounding out the setup, Bennett and his crew used 2 PreSonus ULT12 2-way, active DSP point source enclosures for frontfill and another 2 ULT12 loudspeakers for sidefill. Additionally, Bennet used a PreSonus ULT15 active DSP enclosure for drum monitor.

When asked about the various features that made the PreSonus ULT and WorxAudio loudspeakers so well-suited for this project, Bennett offered the following thoughts. “The WorxAudio V5 line arrays and ULT systems have excellent dispersion characteristics that make it easy to aim the sound where it’s needed—without unnecessary spillover. Loser’s Bar & Grill is located in an area that is home to both residential and business properties, so controlling the volume was crucial. The V5s enabled us to have solid coverage for the patrons on the main floor and the decks without blasting other areas outside. This ability to accurately control coverage was really important to stay within the restrictions of the city ordinances.”

For smaller companies like Hugh Bennett Productions, the ability to get accurate information in a timely manner when questions arise is very important. In this regard, Bennett rates the PreSonus Commercial Audio Division best-in-class. “I’ve been really impressed with PreSonus—both their products and their support services,” he explained. “When I have questions, I know I can call the company and get the information I require quickly. The company is very responsive to their customers. In addition to their loudspeakers, we also use the company’s StudioLive mixers and StudioLive RML rackmount mixing systems, and I find everything the company makes to be well thought out and intuitive to operate.”

With the Ravens pre-game party now in the rear-view mirror, Bennet reflected on the project and his experience with his PreSonus equipment, “Every time we do a show, at least 3 or 4 people come up and ask us about the loudspeakers. Who makes them? What type of loudspeakers are they? The ULT and WorxAudio loudspeakers deliver a smooth, natural sound. They can get plenty loud, but are never harsh sounding. When I tell them they are made by PreSonus, people are impressed. Whether we use 3 V5 boxes per side on a frame and pole or we fly them in groups of 6, the coverage is top notch. If I need a little more coverage down across the front of the stage, a pair of PreSonus ULT12s fits the bill perfectly. I’m presently waiting for delivery of a new StudioLive 32-channel console that I’m really looking forward to using. The upcoming season promises to be fantastic!”

To learn more about the services of Hugh Bennett Productions, contact the company via email at [email protected] or call 615-400-7537.

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