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Pro through Yinfugesen betrayal Man utd

Recently, the Paris Saint-Germain coach Carlo Ancelotti interview with “Corriere dello Sport” will team new aid Wei Ladi called Pirlo’s successor, subsequently, Wei Ladi expressed Pirlo admiration and disclosure wish to escape have a chance to Total war parallel with him. Bianconeri with Chievo until the game, valuable thing the reporter Wei Ladi These statements convey to Juventus manager Marotta horse Total replied: “Wei Ladi promising future can simply turn into outstanding player, nonetheless i do not ever regret they didn’t sign him, because now we still have Bo Geba. “
Indeed, Bo Geba body saddled Juventus too many expectations in order to get him, the Bianconeri with the decorum skin with Sir Alex Ferguson MLB Throwback Jerseys and Manchester United to the court once almost. Transfer once the success of Bo Geba immediately revealed the Juventus faithful come here not for the money, but to obtain more exercise opportunities, wise coach and then a high level of his teammates, he explained, “I am very enjoyment, this is my property. “the French teenager the starting of the fresh season with little an opportunity to play, however the schedule gets more intensive, Bo Geba finally time to usher in your first show today against Chievo, and then he would like to replace what only missed two games in the past 60 games the team absolutely core Pirlo.
Before “Turin sports newspaper” Previews, Bo Geba’s Buffalo Bills Throwback Jersey overwhelmed unveiled good quality Juventus signings vision, “so much ado he take away from Man utd is nice easy?” Bo Geba obviously simmering strength to want to prove themselves, an opening to call home the center of in france they genius frequently ball, but teammate what’s more, it’s not sufficiently well-versed in Bo Geba an opportunity to have the ball isn’t going to just have to have had several wonderful Steals predict with good 10 minutes, Bo Geba to showcase his shooting skill was strong long-range kick from the outside the region after he received Bonucci horizontal dial, but unfortunately a bit of biased out from the right goal post. After four minutes, Chievo formation Reggie White Throwback Packers Jersey counterattack while in the frontcourt, Bo Geba rushed forward tripped Rigoni, Chievo team audience first ahead of games kick. Now, Bo Geba will join the silence, Sky Sports Commentary: “the French and the rhythm for this team is simply not out of step, the teammates unfamiliar with his movement and passing, everything needs to slowly adapt. The 1st half, the most significant bright spot appeared while in the first 32 minutes, then Bo Geba transfer while in the backcourt having number of long pass, the ball falls just Chievo restricted the right of no man’s land, unfortunately Isla delay more on wasting enough time for this beholder, “full market” Comments “this long pass elegance rather Pirlo.
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