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is the product shaping up to match beats by dre uk

beats by dre uk Many headphone lovers out there likely know that Kolton’s been heavily in contact with the Head-Fi community, hoping to craft the best sounding, looking and fitting ear-gear possible. As he puts it can actually stand up. It is the first headphone that we know of that ‘stands above the rest’ and all others fall down/crawl. It also can stand on top of a few other new brand’s models almost like Cirque De Soleil.

cheap beats by dr dre It may be hard to tell based on the fashion-focused looks, but the company is adamant that its audio gear “six points from 5hZ to 12kHz are measured to be within obsessive quality control levels.” According to Kolton, most companies only check at 1Khz, and allow for much wider variances. He followed up stating that “like fine wine, a headphone is only as good as its fit (taste buds) and its driver variances (grapes/cork). To us, all brands advertising ‘HD’ sound?

cheap beats studio it’s packing an audiophile-focused tuning (rather than DJ) that’s based on blending the voicings of its M-80 on-ears and the LP2 over-ears. It wouldn’t be unfair to say the company is aiming for a flat bit of real-world feedback before mass-production begins — and this editor’s been lucky enough to get his mitts on a set for some initial impressions. So, is the product shaping up to match all the hype

similar to V-Moda’s other products — namely, mil-spec (810G) metal construction and vampire-esque styling — this is the brand’s first set to feature collapsible earcups and cable inputs on either side. Its cliqhinges (as they’re named) swing the ‘cups in-and-out of place with a click but white, matte black and replaceable earcup plates will also be available. Speaking of how the headphones fit (but on the head), it’s basically what you’d expect from the LP2 cans. We’re told that the earpads are slightly different, but we wouldn’t know the difference if blind-folded cheap beats by dre.