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Professional Audio Design (PAD) Delivers Powerful, Customized Studio Monitors for Commercial and Project Facilities

Boston, MA, February 10, 2009--Professional Audio Design, Inc., (PAD) the audio sales and installation experts, have become a “go-to” source for customized monitor solutions for some of the most successful producers, artists and commercial recording studios in the country, including Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, Jay Z, and many others. Among PAD’s popular solutions are monitors designed by George Augspurger, built to PAD’s exacting specifications using custom electronics, power amplifiers and speaker components.

PAD’s broad experience in equipment, consoles, studio integration and maintenance has led to the expansion of its studio monitor business. Since then, PAD has created dozens of powerful and attractive monitor systems–each one unique–helping clients capture both new and repeated business.

As an organization, PAD is comprised of technicians, engineers, equipment design experts and integration specialists. This wide-ranging expertise gives PAD an advantage in helping customers choose the appropriate monitor solution, based on each businesses’ environment and music application.

“Our monitors provide high output, high accuracy and reliability,” commented Dave Malekpour, President of PAD. “They also look great–we can create custom finishes to suit each environment. Finally, each monitor is installed and calibrated to work symbiotically with the room. These combined elements help clients make a unique statement about their facility that clients will remember.”

PAD’s monitors–such as its GA215V–are constructed, assembled and inspected by hand, from the initial cabinet construction all the way to the high-gloss, customized paint finishes that are available. Monitors are then installed, tested and measured for acoustic response and accuracy. Parameters such as timing, phase and frequency response are all adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the room.

A range of monitor solutions are available, starting with a 1 x 15″ plus horn, all the way up to 4 x 15″ and custom combinations of tweeters and subwoofers. PAD’s monitors are known for their power and ability to handle high sound pressure levels, which are often in excess of 130 decibels.

Frank Hendler, Owner of New York-based Blast Off Productions, Inc. commented: “We chose to work with Dave Malekpour at PAD to outfit our brand new Blast Off Studios, because we knew we would get an extremely powerful and accurate system that would compete with all of the major “A rooms” in New York. We chose the custom jet-black vertical Augspurger cabinets, with 15″ TAD drivers, and a pair of 18″ JBL powered subwoofers. When the boxes came, we were convinced it wouldn’t all fit, but PAD had great success installing this incredible monitoring system in a space that is private, up-close and personal.”

“In our world, monitoring is 99% of the battle, and so far, our clients have been very impressed with both the performance of our monitors as well as their commanding visual appeal,” Hendler continued. “They are the launch pad at Blast Off Studios, and have already proven to comfortably withstand the colossal decibel levels of recording sessions with the likes of Atlantic Records’ Maino, and Derrty/Universal Records’ Avery Storm.”

To learn more about PAD’s monitor offerings, please send an email to, or call +1 (877) 223-8858 for a personalized evaluation.

About Professional Audio Design
Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a U.S.-based technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1992 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers.