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Professional Wrestler Jocephus Brody Enrolls in Audio Technology Program at SAE Institute Nashville

Joseph Hudson, better known to wrestling fans across the country as Jocephus Brody, has enrolled in the Audio Technology Program at the Nashville campus of SAE Institute, which was cited as being the world’s “best of the best” audio engineering school by Vibe Magazine.

“One of my best friends graduated from SAE, so I didn’t even consider going anywhere else,” says Hudson, a Nashville native.  “The instructors are very accessible, they have a lot of real world experience, and they’re aiming to prepare us for careers in the competitive music industry.”

Hudson’s diverse background includes experience as a teen preacher in the South and overseas, and jobs as a librarian and correctional officer.  He attended Friends University in Wichita, KS, and also has a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Relations from Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville.  He began wrestling in 2009 and is affiliated with Resistance Pro Wrestling, which is co-owned by Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan.  Hudson has appeared in wrestling shows in Northeast as well as throughout the mid-South, Chicago, and the Ohio Valley regions, and he’s held championships with Showtime All-Star Wrestling, USWO, and other high-profile groups.

“I’ll be graduating from SAE in 2014 with a certificate in Audio Technology, and my long-term goal is to be a producer,” says Hudson, who along with his other skills is also an electronic musician.  “Studio work requires nimble hands, so I carefully wrap them before each of my wrestling matches in the hope that the tape will absorb some of the impact when I’m pounding on someone’s skull.”

At 6’3”, 280 pounds, Brody is a big presence in the ring, and he uses Smashing Pumpkins’ energetic anthem “Superchrist” as his theme music.

“I’ve told a few of my fellow students at SAE about my wrestling career and Jocephus persona, and they find it both hilarious and bizarre,” , who was featured in the music video for “Gone Tomorrow” by Nashville-based alt country band Lambchop.  “Some have come to see me and can’t believe that the crazy guy in the wrestling tights is also the well-spoken fellow who they’re in class with.”

In addition to the technical education he’s getting at SAE Nashville, Hudson is also enjoying the creative enlightenment that his SAE experience is providing.

“As a result of my studies at SAE, my concept of music has been blown out of the water,” says Hudson.  “I didn’t realize all of the wonderful things that an audio engineer can do to a track, and I now realize that a recording studio is a powerful tool for musical composition.  I want to understand every aspect of sound and musical creation, and my SAE education is making this journey possible.”

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